Tiger Woods Girlfriend’s Mugshot: Alyse Johnston Mugshot: I said she wasn’t Elin-ish

A couple of days ago I put up a pic of Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend, Alyse Lahti Johnston. Her father works for IMG, Tiger’s management company. He introduced the “couple.” I wanted to ask what kind of Dad would introduce his daughter, 13 years younger, to Tiger Woods…but I didn’t. I quoted others saying Johnston is an Elin Nordegren Woods’ look-alike, but said she wasn’t at all Elin-ish and linked to some pics to prove it. I tried to do it without being mean-spirited. But today here’s the news: Alyse Johnston has a mugshot on record. So here it is.

Alyse Johnston Mugshot

According to MailOnline, Johnston was arrested last year in Florida on “suspicion of DUI.”

Elin Nordgren Woods

Nope. No comparison.

Read my earlier article and follow the links to more candid shots of Alyse Johnston. Both Tiger and Elin have new homes about 10 miles apart in Florida. Both are spectacular. See pics here and read the details.

As a disclaimer, mugshots are usually not cropped, but the Mail says this is a mugshot of Johnston. I can’t prove it.