Tiger Woods Alyse Johnston: Tiger’s New Blonde Girlfriend Alyse Johnston

Alyse Johnston is thirteen years younger than Tiger and looks a lot like former wife Elin Nordegren Woods. RadarOnLine says they have been dating for a few months. Johnston’s father is an executive at IMG, the sports management agency handling Tiger’s career. He introduced Tiger to his daughter. UPDATE: See a photo of Alyse Johnston’s mugshot here.

Tiger Woods and Alyse Johnston

Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22, now lives in Florida and is attending Norwood University, which appears to have only one campus in the state, conveniently located near Tiger Woods’ new home, as well as Elin’s new home.

Now I’ve looked around and found other pics of Tiger’s new friend, other than blonde hair, Alyse is not Elin-ish. To see the photos, start her and click through. TerezOwens.com has more.

H/T to Daily Caller