Tea Party and Farm Subsidies: ABC Breathlessly Reporting Tea Party Farmers are Hypocritical

The story is, that some Republican members of Congress have received farm subsidies from the U.S. Government, and some are Tea Party supporters and thus they are hypocritical. I am against all subsidies, particularly paying farmers to grow corn for ethanol, but then the oil companies also receive subsidies for blending corn oil for ethanol. How do Democrats feel about that? Any irony? Any disgust? Finding any hypocrites there?

Farming and Agriculture

Having said that, the world has had food producing subsidies going far back in history. After world War I, America’s subsidy of grains and cattle kicked into gear, by necessity. Someone had to grow food and they had to feed the cattle. The Great Depression and the DustBowl put the world on it’s ear. The U.S.’ first official established policy of ” subsidy” was put in place in 1933 by Democrat president Franklin D. Roosevelt as a part of the New Deal.

Floods, droughts, the price of energy and government regulations affect what a farmer can and cannot do. Regulations have demanded that ethanol be prominently marketed in the U.S. and so the price of corn has soared. Tacos not affordable. Unintended consequences that greenies ignore. No matter what Government policies we put in place to override disaster, we know we cannot stomp them out at a later date.

Our crops are competitive with the world, and the world subsidizes. To compete, it is likely our farmers have to take advantage of Government subsidies. Government sticks it’s nose everywhere, and likely began that egregious practice with landowners decades ago.

Food Distribution is just one handy nook and cranny, among many:

The Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act of 1933 under Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt, with Democrats in majority in both chambers

The Agricultural Act of 1949 under Democrat President Harry Truman with Democrats in majority in both chambers

The Child Nutrition of 1966 under Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, with Democrats in majority in both chambers of Congress ( later included the School Lunch Act).

The Food Stamp act of 1977 under Republican President Gerald Ford with Democrats in majority in both chambers

The Agriculture and Food Act of 1981 under Republican President Reagan with the US House a Democrat majority and the US Senate a Republican majority in the US House

The Emergency Fod Assistance Act of 1983 under Republican President Ronald Reagan with a Democrat majority and the US Senate a Republican majority in the US House

The Commodity Distribution Reform Act and WIC Amendments of 1987 under Republican President Ronald Reagan with a Democrat majority in both chambers

The Personal responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 under Democrat President Bill Clinton with a Republican majority in both chambers

The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 under President G.W. Bush with a Republican majority in both chambers

I don’t know how to get rid of the majority of farm subsidies, but I know we must do so, and at the same time we must take on every Green subsidy, window manufacturers, heating and air manufacturers, siding manufacturers, solar panel subsidies, wind farm subsidies – to name only a few. Linked by The Other McCain in the Live at Five segment – Thank You! Memorandum has a excited thread



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  • Mike

    I only watch one program I think on ABC and it isn’t sports and certainly not the news nor their website. There are a zillion other sites and blogs to find real information and anyway I have no use for those talking heads or their opinions.

    • Mike, I completely agree.

  • I live in central Illinois, a corn state. If you took 100% of all the corn grown and used it for ethanol it wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket compared to the oil needed to run this country. It’s a joke, a big lie. All the government is doing is wasting food that could feed the world.

    • Carl, I agree with you. The ethanol scam is disgraceful. We even know now that it reduces vehicle efficiency, and oh. my. it accelerates global warming. Nevertheless, California has upped their mandated blend of the stuff. Then there is the soaring food prices.

  • I actually was pretty upset to hear about Bachmann’s farming money. It smacks of the government largesse that the Tea Party is against. Bruce Springsteen and John Bon Jovi both get farm subsidies as well. It really is crazy. The reality is that the vast majority of subsidies go to people who don’t need them.

    • just a conservative girl: That’s my opinion as well, but in looking at it, we are deep in it and have been since far before I was born. Farming subsidies are standard procedure through out the Western World. We have to find a way our farmers can compete.

      We pay them to grow and we pay them to let their land lie fallow. I despise these giveaways and hope we will find a way to put a stop to them. You are right that the biggest share go to those not needing them, and I’m guessing that they go not to family farms but to big co-operatives and to those farming on the side for for the subsidies.

    • BTW, thanks much for the NetworkedBlogs follow:-)

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