Tea Parties Go To Washingon: Continuing Revolution Stays Hot and Bothered

Thankfully. Different factions of the Tea Party movement are in Washington, D.C. today to send the message that anything less than the $100 billion in cuts promised, will be a complete “failure.” Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) says everytime the Tea Party is on Capitol Hill, “it has made a difference.” The Tea Party movement is hot and bothered, as are all true Conservatives. Time for a reality check on Capitol Hill. God Bless the Tea Party for taking the time out of their schedules to be where we all should be.

Washington, D.C.

Democrats are trying to serve-up John Boehner as weak and beholdened to a radical-right, or as Chuck-You Schumer might say, “extremist” right Tea Party. Harry Reid (D-NV)  says he doesn’t envy Boehner’s Tea Party pressure – as if Boehner feels pressured. John Boehner is fortunate to have the backbone of the Tea Party. This morning on Fox News Congresswoman Michelle Bachman said Boehner is standing strong. The Democrat position of portraying Tea Parties as radical will not work with anyone other than the Progressive choir.

Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty will speak at the Tea Party rally today in the Capitol:

“The idea that the Democrats think it is reasonable to offer up less than 1 percent of the budget in budget cuts — Americans, I think, are ready to shut down the government over something as insulting as that offer,” said Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty.

“the $30 billion in cuts is not only nothing, it is an insult to every American who is hungering for meaningful change in D.C. Even $61 billion is an insult. Americans have wanted change for three election cycles and fighting to get to 1 percent of the budget is an insult to all of these people.”

Originally, I supported Boehner’s smaller cuts on the way to making the needed cuts, assuming he would meet, at least, the $100 million goal. After learning that we cut $6 Billion on the same day we incurred another $72 Billion in debt, I changed my mind. We’ve cut just $10 Billion of the $100 Billion. Let’s get on with it. Let Obama veto. We must get on with meaningful legislation – that will still be meaningful, even if the president vetoes.

A few days after the November 2008 elections, Boehner made certain promises to voters. I wrote about them here, and reminded that it is vitally important that we stay in touch with Congressional committees. Click and find the links. I will believe that Boehner will not cave, but now is the time to prove it. We are out of time. I want to see the beef.

The video below is Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn), founder of the Tea Party Caucus, appearing with Fox News’ Martha McCallum. She talks about passing a responsible budget, and absolutely not funding ObamaCare. Bachmann says if the Government shuts-down over the budget battle, it WILL reopen. Elsewhere we are assured that, even with a shutdown, the Military stays funded, post offices operate, and Social Security checks make it into the mail and such services are considered “Essential Services and Personnel.”

Taken directly from the Continuing Resolution rules…“essential”government services and “essential” employees as those:

… providing for the national security, including the conduct of foreignrelations essential to the national security or the safety of life andproperty;

…providing for benefit payments  and the performance of contractobligations under no-year or multi-year or other funds remainingavailable for those purposes;! conducting essential  activities to the extent that they protect life and property, including:

…medical care of inpatients and emergency outpatient care; — activities essential to ensure continued public health and safety, including safe use of food, drugs, and hazardous materials;

…continuance of air traffic control and other transportation safetyfunctions and the protection of transport property; — border and coastal protection and surveillance;

…protection of federal lands, buildings, waterways, equipment and otherproperty owned by the United States;

…care of prisoners and other persons in the custody of the United States;

…law enforcement and criminal investigations;

…emergency and disaster assistance; — activities that ensure production of power and maintenance of thepower distribution system;

…activities essential to the preservation of the essential elements of themoney and banking system of the United States, including borrowing andtax collection activities of the Treasury; and

…activities necessary to maintain protection of research property. (Thanks to Jim Simpson @ BigGovernment)

So when Obama et al grabs a mic and lies: your Medicare will stop, your Social Security will stop, and the Military will be sent home for R&R, yell at your TV and send them a nasty email.

If the Government shuts down to force Democrats to join in making fiscally responsible decisions, don’t be deluded into thinking Republicans will be blamed. This is a very different time and place than previous government shutdowns.

Michelle Bachmann: Tea Party Rallies Today in Washington, D.C. (video)