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Religion and politics make perfect sense to me. In these Sunday Faith news and views posts I bring news and views of both, concerning the other, or each individually. See two videos about Japan below.

This week in the news are 1) Christian relief programs for Japan. Operation Blessing and Samaritan’s Purse are among those doing inspired work. 2) A Christian died in this week’s Jerusalem bombing, and 3) the question of who is taking the mantle of power in Egypt is no longer an unanswered question.

In views: 1) how should we feel about American action in Libya, and the prospect that we may be needed in every oppressed country in the world; 2) do you believe what you ask of God is “something already done;” and have you taken a look at God’s majesty this Spring? 4) With no commentary in this post, I want to give you an election resource. If you have no idea who you want on the Conservative ticket in 2012, take a look at Doug Ross’ analysis. It is very thoughtful and sticks to the issue on the ten possible candidates from his viewpoint. The next president of this country must be a matter of prayer and our hard work. We are called to do this.

Jerusalem Bombing


Mary Gardner was a Christian from Scotland who died in the Muslim terrorist attack in Jerusalem last week. Ms. Gardner was studying at the  Hebrew University Rothberg International School. She was translating the Bible into the language of a Togo tribe. Six Americans are among the injured.

The bomb that detonated on a Jerusalem street was not a suicide bombing. A suitcase bomb was placed at a bus stop and kiosk, a phone booth, known since 1994 as the place where another bomb exploded – with the ominous moniker the “blast of a kiosk.”


The Christian Broadcasting Network ( has Operation Blessing underway to provide aid to Japan. The death toll stands at 8,000 and rising. There are an estimated 12,200 still missing. Homeless: 500,000. Think of that: 500,000 people without a home. I hope you will watch the video below, and join much of the world in prayers for the country.

Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse flew 92 tons of aid to Japan this week – diapers, food, blankets, hygiene products. What a work Americans are doing in Japan! See a video at the site linked in the paragraph and see the second video below.


Ramez Atallah, the leader of the bible Society of Egypt says the approved referendum vote in Egypt last week was lobbied for by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups. If you are not aware of what is happening to the “freedom fighter” rebellion in Egypt, read The Youth are Gone: Bearded People Taking Charge in Egypt – The Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates in Cairo. Christians in Egypt, along with Constitutional scholars, and the youth that brought the revolution, were largely opposed the referendum. From Atallah, and he is asking for our prayers with specific needs:

For many of us, the referendum was a lithium test to determine how strong the Christian and the open-minded elements in the country really are. It is clear from the result that we represent a significant but small minority surrounded by a grassroots majority of Egyptians who probably seek a more distinctly Muslim nation.


Chuck Colson on America and Libya – A viewpoint. Reader’s what is your opinion about U.S. military action in Libya? Mine is below Colson’s remarks.

Michelle Obama had said that when her husband won the nomination for President, it was the first time in her life she’d been proud of her country. Then Novak told me that he had never been so ashamed of his country as when our leaders failed to lift a finger to stop the massacre in Libya. Strong, sobering words.

And now the U.S. has been shamed into action by, of all things, the United Nations, which declared a no-fly zone over Libya, and the government of Libya then announcing a cease-fire. But for American honor and credibility among the oppressed people of the world the damage has been done. We dawdled too long — just has we did with the genocide in Rwanda.

Here’s my opinion: We help the oppressed around the world with our presence and our dollars as long as a single penny NEVER makes it’s way into the pocket of a dictator or other evil force – and when we do go in, we do the job to the max. We leave no avenue for for the same problem to arise in the future. If that means killing innocents in the name of really freeing the people, then that is what we do. We are fighting war-after-war with half-measures. The mantra that we are “protecting” civilians is a ridiculous ruse. What happens when we leave? We know the answer, and it isn’t acceptable. Smitty at The Other McCain is also talking about the “lack of victory in wars, as evidenced by actual peace and challenges Mark Steyn commentary.

Carl at GOD’S ANSWER is always Jesus is talking about our faith in our own prayers, and about death. When we pray do we believe that our earnest requests of God are “something already done?” He specifically quotes the Apostle Paul on the matter of death and what God did through Christ.

Through the power of the resurrection, the very same power that entered into our hearts through the process of the new birth, the life that was in Christ, now residing within us … makes what Jesus has done so certain, that it may be spoken of … as a thing that is already done…

When God sent Jesus into the world He intended to do more than just abolish death. There are some other things God wants to make certain our lives. It has to do with what is called making … a declaration of faith.

Carl’s discussion is on “faith,” and the aspects of it. For me, it is one of the most difficult tenants of God’s word to completely grasp. In the main, how do we square unanswered prayer, unless we see our requests as always answered, just not in the manner we requested. I believe it has to do with praying within God’s will – a very difficult subject for mortals.

Readers, Carl’s weekly column is always focused and concise. Sometimes I may see more or less than his intent. My apologies when that happens. I hope you will read Carl’s Something Already Done for yourself and if you feel compelled to do so, discuss it with him in comments.

Z at GeeeeeZ! is my Sunday Faith News and Views mentor. This week she has some beautiful reminders of God’s handiwork for our respite and enjoyment. We are assured He is the Almighty: no other could have created the incredible majestic beauty of His world. If you are still knee-deep in snow, take a look at some of that majesty at GeeeeeZ!

Japan: Surveying the Damage (video)

Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse in Japan (video)


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  • “We help the oppressed around the world with our presence and our dollars as long as a single penny NEVER makes it’s way into the pocket of a dictator or other evil force … ”

    First of all, billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars go purposefully into the pockets of some of the most vile dictators on Earth. The federal government has been propping up evil tyrants for longer than I’ve been alive.

    Second, there are no dollars, only debt. Borrowed more and more from communist China.

    Third, unless you’re talking about yourself and a close group of friends and family, there is no “we.” It is other people, whom you’ll never even meet, that you’re talking about. In other words, sending complete strangers across the globe to die in the name of immanentizing the eschaton. I’d have deep respect for you if you and your friends packed your bags and guns an went over there to help them fight, but having the government send strangers is something I can’t square with my Christian faith.

    “If that means killing innocents in the name of really freeing the people, then that is what we do.”

    This can’t be squared with Christian Just War Doctrine.

    The wars aren’t being fought for the reasons most think they are (which is something Smitty was hinting at), which is why they never turn out as expected. Bush lied. Obama lied. Every president has lied. That’s what governments do. They lie.

    “Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Anyways … I can only pray that conservatives, particularly Christian conservatives, take a more skeptical view and get more critical in their analysis, about why trillions of dollars are being spent to kill our brothers and sisters by the thousands, in the name of war.

    • theCL, thanks for coming by and commenting. First I have to tell you that, like so many issues, the Just War Theory sounds good, but it is the “deciders” who define it – and we don’t know who the deciders will be until the time comes. I’m not much for church doctrine unless it comes directly from the Bible. I agree that there should never be a war that is unjust but there isn’t a simple formula to figure it out.

      Innocents in war zones do die. Why should we pick and choose which innocents die. What if we put down the aggressions we have decided are a “just” cause in the most efficient manner, and that action saves the lives of many others, including American soldiers.

      There is nothing just about half-measures when it comes to war.

      I understand how money gets to the wrong people. Obama had over $2 billion in his last budget for the Libyan army. Excuse my mention of the “dollar,” but I think you understood what I was saying.

      Yes, I said “we” because we are a country, and we each have our responsibilities. I exercise my most important at the ballot box, and I pay my taxes, and I take care of my own family so that no one else needs to. I do not accept your tone that I am a war monger, or that I have no respect, as a Christian, for the life of my “brothers and sisters.”

      What do you propose for Muslim countries? I propose that we offer no help, if they cannot support our help. In other words if everything we do ends up being nothing good for the people, we don’t need to be there. That is the story in Muslim countries. So where does that leave us when genocide is looming?

      I want to do away with all financial support to every country holding the Koran to be their state book, or their holy book. We can’t win fights against a doctrine calling for the death of all mankind not submitting to Islam.

  • Maggie … I didn’t read either of these two comments until your e-mail. Thought I should. I am in 100% total agreement with your answer to CL. Point by point … very good and spoken with conviction and courage. And for that I say to anyone who reads this … “Praise God.” Thank you Maggie for being a Christian willing to speak the truth. Blessings …

    • Carl, thanks for commenting. I sought your opinion about Just War after I commented back to theCL because I respect your view of Christianity and of the Bible, and appreciate your input.

      These are such nerve-wracking, heartbreaking times.

  • Christian Just War is Biblical doctrine and it’s been around virtually forever. St. Augustine was the first to write about it, but the requirements for Christian Just War are actually much older. In other words, it’s not up to “deciders” to define, but is a specific set of rules that have served mankind well for thousands of years.

    “What do you propose for Muslim countries?”

    I’m old school. I think our messing around over there for the past 60 years has put Americans in greater danger than if we’d left them alone. The godfather of American conservatism, Russell Kirk, warned that our meddling would cause us to suffer a terrible attack at home. He was right. You can’t meddle in people’s politics, build military bases on their land, and bomb their people without creating enemies willing to do anything for payback. The old right has been right all along. We should end all foreign aid and only fight to protect our homes and the Bill of Rights.

    And it ain’t bin Laden, Gadaffi, or even the old USSR who has taken our liberties. Just like it was with our Founders, our greatest threat is our own government.

    Besides … I don’t believe a word said about fighting the wars. I was all for just retribution for 9/11, but we never got it. We certainly have the capability to exact retribution, but that was never seriously sought. They’re lying to us. They’re lying to us all.

    Luckily, our Founders took on the most powerful military on the planet. Otherwise, somebody might have intervened and America would have never been. In other words, let God sort it out. We mere mortals can’t.

    • theCL, I agree completely about meddling in any country’s business, but we are doing it, and before we do it, we finance it.

      I know the war doctrine of both the Old and New Testament, but do not like any church laying out what that doctrine is, for obvious reasons.

      As I said before, if we do go in, we must go in with conviction and do the job and get out. I am not a complete isolationist, because we see the havoc brought on the world by Muslim countries. I have been, not content, to watch Muslim women live the life the barbaric lives they live, but am seeing that there is nothing we can do about it. If anything in this world is unjust, it is the plight of Muslim women and girls – and, African children abused by Muslim dictators (mostly). It is what it is.

      I’m with you on letting God sort it out, unless we are attacked, and then letting God guide us. Unfortunately, we have no choice but the ballot box, if we distrust leadership. Having said that, if we go in, I stand by my own foreign policy on how to do so.