Senator Jim Webb Obama: Bypassing Congress, No Foreign Policy, No Diplomatic Policy, Can’t Identify the Libyan Opposition

Democrat Senator Jim Webb (VA) expressed a devastating critique of the Obama administration, and is concerned about the “trend” of the Executive Branch bypassing Congress with the American people having no say in Libyan action. He says the president does not have a clear diplomatic policy, a clear statement of foreign policy and we don’t know who we are actually fighting in Libya. Webb also see it a very serious matter that our coalition does not include Brazil, Russia, India, China and Germany. See the video below. Source: The Daily Caller.

Jim Webb

The president is in Rio. The Congress is out of session. So before we even get in to the command structure of this, I think it’s very clear to put the marker down that moving forward we need to get more involved in terms of anything that goes from this point forward.”

Webb is a Vietnam veteran and serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee. He was on the short list of candidates for Obama’s Vice-President but asked that his name be removed from consideration and is a former Secretary of the Navy. I notice Mitt Romney is also talking about Obama’s non-existant foreign policy.

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Senator Jim Webb on American Action in Libya (video)

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  • President Blunder’s enthusiasm for Middle Eastern popular revolt seems ever limited to those budding ‘democracies’ in which Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood predominate.