SEIU Sued: RICO Charges Filed by SodexoUSA:

The bullies at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are being sued in a civil suit under Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO). SodexoUSA is a French company, operating in the U.S. They are one of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world.

“This is about protecting the Company’s business and the rights of our employees to vote freely about union representation,” said Robert Stern, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Sodexo USA.

Robert Stern, a Senior Vice President says SodexoUSA works with unions every day, “but the SEIU has crossed the line by breaking the law.” There are charges of extortion, unlawful tactics, blackmail, vandalism, tresspass, harrassment and ” lobbying law violations.”

The complaint alleges that the SEIU, in face to face meetings, threatened Sodexo USA’s executives that it would harm Sodexo USA’s business unless they gave in to the union, and then carried out its threats through egregious behavior, including:

  • throwing plastic roaches onto food being served by Sodexo USA at a high profile event;
  • scaring hospital patients by insinuating that Sodexo USA food contained bugs, rat droppings, mold and flies;
  • lying to interfere with Sodexo USA business and sneaking into elementary schools to avoid security;
  • violating lobbying laws to steer business away from Sodexo USA, even at the risk of costing Sodexo USA employees their jobs; and
  • harassing Sodexo USA employees by threatening to accuse them of wrongdoing.

So now we’ll see what Obama does with this.

So now we’ll see what Obama does with this. SEIU is near and dear to his heart. You may remember that former SEIU head, Andy Stern, was the most frequent visitor to the White House for about the firs 1-1/2 years of Obama’s reign. He stepped down in April 2010. A few months later we learned that Stern was under an FBI corruption investigation involved with SEIU.

Obama promised his adoring masses that he have no former lobbyists working in his White House. Stern was lobbying all those many times he sat in the Oval Office, and with Rahm Emanuel and with David Axelrod, but he solved that sticky issue by simply not registering as a lobbyist.

A few months before Stern resigned from the SEIU Obama appointed him to his Deficit Panel. Nice move. Now he had unlimited access to the Oval.

We took names.
We watched how they voted.
We know where they live! ~ Andy Stern

SEIU thugs also attacked a Black Conservative man at a Townhall meeting. See the second video below. See a third video here: Obama is telling SEIU members he supported them before he was elected president. Says he would not have been an Illinois senator without the help of the SEIU. He leads a chant: SEIU, SEIU

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Andy Stern, SEIU< on Andy Stern (video)

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Kenneth Gladney Beaten by SEIU Thugs (video)

Thanks to Jim Simpson at Truth and Consequences for the tip

  • He’ll sweep this under the carpet. Because with Obama the law only applies when it favors the foolish.

  • I hear Stern and I’m reminded of the Teachers Union leader, I think, said about money collected from members, is power. That’s what Stern is doing.. I remember back in the 60’s and 70’s how the scenario for the future was that Corporations would run the country. The CEO would be the new President. Well excuse me, reality is that Union Bosses are now running this country and trying to take over the world with power and money. This should be more scary than Communism..
    I saw that Black man who the SEIU thugs beat so hard, he had to go to the hospital. Saw him at a Tea Party Rally in Bozeman Montana.
    He was selling tshirts and flags, I think, if my memory serves me right, when he was attacked. I got to shake this heros hand.