Seattle Social Justice: No Crime for Blacks Video: Megyn Kelly Interview

“Just shut-up and be a good little socialist.” Those are the words of a Seattle police officer. You’ll hear it in the video. May these people wallow in their soon-to-be crime ridden streets. How many police will die on duty when criminals, regardless of color, are not charged with their crime and punished for it? How about the children? How about the domestic violence? How about the drunk drivers? Another bit of coffee bean country weirdness: There is an effort in Seattle to label requiring a college degree for employment racist. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder must be yuccking it up tonight. See the Megyn Kelly video below.

Update: For more perspective on Social Justice (racism) read Stacy McCain’s Obama: ‘Take Back America’ is Racist for Tea Party, But Not for Progressives.

Social Justice Seattle-Style (video)

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  • I wonder if the libs will be forced to deal with the reality that they are creating, or will they just blame everyone else.

  • Libs and reality do not belong in the same sentence. Of course they will blame someone else, just look at the “idiot in chief” in the WH who is always blaming someone for what he has created!