Sarah Ferguson, Mother of 2 Daughters, Takes $93,000 from Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Earlier this week I had an article up about pedophile, convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s close friends, and his abombinable mere 13-months in jail for his deeds. Among those friends is Prince Andrew, the brother of Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth. Today I find that his raunchy, money-grubbing ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, accepted money from Epstein to pay off her always mounting debts. It must be hell birthing the Queen’s granddaughters and keeping up with the Windsors. Mid-last year we heard that Fergie was trying to sell an audience with Andrew, but I had no idea the man she was dealing with was Jeffrey Epstein.

Sarah Ferguson with Daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie

Here is how it worked: Epstein insisted that she take the $93,000+ gift. It took nine months of negotiations to seal the deal in December 2010, at the same time that Prince Andrew and Epstein-the-Pedophile were on holiday together.

Sarah was selling access to her Prince. His mother, the Queen Mum, had “crisis” talks with her son. Did either know about Sarah’s “negotiations?”The Prince and the Dutchess of York have two daughters. It’s not likely that Beatrice and Eugenie were a part of the “negotiations,” as both are over the age of 16 – so there’s that.

Read the details about Epstein and his very young girls here and see the Americans who accepted his hospitality – three of whom also have daughters