Rush Limbaugh: Endorsing Republican Candidates

There was an interesting conversation between Rush Limbaugh and a caller yesterday. The caller, whose first choice is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, asked him to endorse a primary candidate, and says a Rush endorsement can help clean-up the field, and save other candidates a “ton” of money.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush and I are on the same page on this one. He says he will vote for Elmer Fudd before he votes for Barack Obama. The one willing to bring it “to” Obama will be the one he will be enthused about, although he says we may end up with “milk toast,” and a “loser candidate.” “Saving the country is getting rid of Obama.”

Whoever in this field takes it to Obama the straightest and the hardest and the most direct, is who’s gonna win. They’re gonna have to take it to Obama. This isn’t a ‘pussy-foot around’ type of election. This is not, ‘Oh, we’ve got to worry about what they’re gonna say about us, we’ve got to worry about PR, about charges of racism.’ Somebody’s got to be willing to take it to Obama. It’s going to be about him and four more years of this stuff and we’ll see if there’s anybody in this field willing to do that.

The goal is to get Barack Obama out. Hopefully, in doing so, we put a strong constitutional conservative in. However. Hot Air points out that between two candidates like Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, Bachmann will “take it to” Obama, but she is also the easiest to “kookify.”

That has merit, but it doesn’t mean she is a kook. Progressives will villify the entire slate, after they first “choose” who our candidate should be, as they did with John McCain. The truth is, there are no kooks among those expected to run.

We must stand by that, and Conservative pundits must stand by it as well. Their perceived intellect can elect Obama again if they are not willing to validate each of the candidates – albeit they have their favorites. Conservative pundits have the voice. If they cannot kookify the press they aren’t doing their job. After all, we have no Dennis Kucinich in our field. See the Rush video at Hot Air. See the full transcript at The Rush Limbaugh Show.

  • Rush has often said the liberals will tell you who frightens them. It’s the one they demonize. Like Rush. Like Sarah. Like Michele. Like Glenn. Like Bobby Jindal after his speech. They mock because they can’t argue the ideas.
    So lets give them someone to demonize. And win the election in the process.

    • Tara Lynn, I agree. Mitt did that last time, and got it perfectly that McCain would be the “biggest loser.” Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Of course I will vote for any GOP candidate who runs against Obama in 2012.

    But in doing so, we may be saying goodbye forever to true conservatism — if the GOP runs a RINO.

    • AOW, we’ll be saying goodbye until we have another change to try to boot them. I don’t see that we have any other choice. I hope the TEA PARTIES begin making noise real soon again, and I’ll try to help them in anyway I can.

  • If the GOP runs an ‘old GOP’ They will lose. I wont vote for an Old GOP candidate. There has to be a Tea Party person on the ticket.

    • J SHAW, sigh. I will vote for an ‘old GOP’ if I have NO OTHER CHOICE, and only for that reason.

    • BINGO… BINGO!!!!

  • I don’t care if Obama has or doesn’t have a birth certificate.. I don’t care what his golf score is… He’s wrong for this country, and is out to destroy it from the inside out.. Whoever runs against him has to be a conservative. I want a new face and voice… McCain.. RETIRE AND ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE AND SHUT THE HELL UP. We don’t want you or your kind. If and when we do get a candidate and the press starts to kookify them, and any of your friends believe the crap they spread..then it’s time to get new friends.. I’m over the idiots who are dragged around by the politically correct ring in their noses. It’s time for the silent majority to stand up, dust off our laps, and put our money and voice where our beliefs are. If it means marching on the news media… that’s fine.. we’ll do it. If it’s getting the people who can’t drive to the poles to vote, then by heavens.. that’s what we do. We are responsible for this countries direction.. and we can’t let the back seat driver press tell us where to turn anymore.
    Boy that felt good.. haha