Rule 5 Saturday Night Make Up: Kate Middleton Bikini Shots

Updated 4-29-11 below. I was on vacation in the Sarasota/Venice/Tampa area last week and didn’t have the opportunity to do my weekly Rule 5 Saturday Night, so this is a make-up, and an opportunity to say thank you to those bloggers who linked me this week. My Rule 5 is Prince William’s Princess (maybe Queen-to0-be) Kate Middleton. I found some rare and lovely photos of her having a little fun in the sun off the coast of Ibiza, Spain, along with others images of her we seldom see.

If you are not familiar with Rule 5 posts, see the explanation below the photos.

UPDATE 4-29-11: Photos from this morning’s Royal Wedding. See a great video and more photos here.

Kate Middleton - comparing her dress to Grace Kelley

Kate Middleton - A Tam and Chandeliers!








Let me know if I’ve missed your Rule 5 post.

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