Royalty and Pedophiles: Prince Andrew and Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein

What do Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Katie Couric, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen and George Stephanopoulos have in common? They’ve all dined with convicted sexual predator, Jeffrey Epstein. Woody Allen is understandable, but Prince Andrew? Does the Queen Mother have no control over her brood other than rightly denying the crown to Charles? Epstein, a billionaire, owns a financial management firm, J. Epstein and Co. Later he removed his name and the company exists now in the Virgin Islands as Financial Trust Co. He has made 17 out-of-court settlements to minors.

Jeffrey Epstein

All the celebrities mentioned above are Progressives. This is the way they live, and shame, shame on Katie Couric who has two daughters. Stephanopoulous has two daughters, Bill Clinton has one daughter that we know of, Prince Andrew has two daughters. No need to mention Woody or Spacey.

In March 2005, a woman contacted Palm Beach police, concerned that her 14-year-old step daughter had been taken to Epstein’s mansion by an older girl and paid $300 after stripping to her panties and massaging the man while he masturbated. She had told him that she was 18 years old. She undressed but had left on her underwear. By 2011 at least 40 girls aged 13 to 17 had come forward with similar stories, some saying Epstein sexually assaulted them during the massage.

Another account:

In sworn statements to the police, the 14-year-old and other teenage girls said a friend had arranged for them to visit Mr. Epstein’s home and give him massages, usually in their underwear, in exchange for cash.

Most of the girls, according to the police, said Mr. Epstein had masturbated during the massages, and a few said he had penetrated them with his fingers or penis. They identified him in photos and accurately described the inside of his home. Some recalled that his employees had fed them snacks or rented them cars.


Epstein…faced dozens of counts of paying for sex with underage girls five years ago but avoided trial when the FBI stepped in and offered him a sweetheart plea bargain. No one involved understands why he was offered the deal, since the details of the charges against him were quite shocking. The Daily Beast recently reported that Epstein flew underage girls in from around the world,…These are crimes for which an ordinary person could see several decades in prison… Some have suggested that Epstein’s personal relationships with people like Bill Clinton (who has also flown on Epstein’s jet) and Prince Andrew may have helped him get a light sentence.

Stacy McCain has the report of Epstein receiving not one, not two, but three French 12-year-olds as a birthday gift.

It appears Epstein was able to keep the implications of “child sexual predator,” and “pedophile”out of his official record, although most, if not all of the charges were made by minors.

Rather than the police pressing charges which, according to them would include “one count of lewd and lascivious molestation and four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor,” the Democrat county state attorney (an elected position) in the very wealthy Palm Beach, decided to take the case to a grand jury – not usually done except in capital cases. The prosecutor was able to give the jury a list of possible charges. Epstein was indicted on the lesser count. The police chief cried foul. Epstein spent 13 months behind bars, of an 18-month sentence.

Outside of the criminal charges, a $50 Million civil lawsuit was filed in federal court. Others followed. Epstein has made 17 out-of-court settlements, with others pending.