Red Dawn Remake Changes Chinese to North Koreans

Charlie Sheen was #WINNING when he and Patrick Swayze starred in the 1984 box-office hit Red Dawn. A remake is underway – apparently well underway, already filmed with China as the bad guy, but now MGM is spending $1 Million to digitally change Chinese characteristics to North Korean characteristics.

Red Dawn

Military flags and symbols from China will be erased or changed as well as dialogue before the film starring Chris Hemsworth is released later this year.

Computer experts will make sure North Korean flags are seen in the film and the characters refer to the invading army from a country President Bush said was part of the ‘axis of evil.’

Studio bosses took the decision because they were afraid having China invade the U.S. would not go down well at the box office in Beijing.

China is one of the biggest emerging markets for Hollywood and bosses at MGM studios didn’t want to risk offence.

The original starred the deceased Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey. The remake:

Chris Hemworth

Josh Hutcherson

Adrienne Palicki

On a site devoted to RedDawn2011, a writer says he/she had a conversation with someone “close to the production:”

The stage they set for this war will be more intense as the state of the world will be in a darker place then it was in the original opening. It also looks like the LA Times didn’t get the whole story on who the invaders are. Yes, N. Korea is involved, but I was told that the invaders are a group made up of more than just N. Koreans.

Los Libertas Film Magazine reviewed the original 2009 unreleased remake (now to be digitally enhanced in some way). There is a warning that some of the story is revealed that you might not want to know in advance – so beware. But I found this interesting:

“The ‘uncensored’ version we saw of Red Dawn was a stirring, highly patriotic ode to America and its freedoms – the kind of film that until recently I didn’t think Hollywood could make any more.”

So this appears to be good news, at least, that the tone of the film is still about young Americans trying to protect their country.