PJ Crowley Resigns: Skunk Habitat – One Down

If you’ve followed P.J. Crowley’s “career,” especially since joining the State Department in 2009, you recognize his calling the U.S. Military “stupid,” is nothing too unusual or out-of-character. The whole skunk habitat known as the U.S. Department of State needs to be swept clean and vigorously Lysoled. Let’s put that on the to do list for the new president taking office January 2013. Crowley, who is Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, resigned today after referring to the Pentagon’s military procedures for WikiLeaker Army PFC Bradley Manning in a derogatory manner.

P.J. Crowley

Speaking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Crowley was asked what he thought about “the torturing of a prisoner in a military brig?” Crowley said what is happening to Bradley Manning is  “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” And then he said Manning was being “mistreated’ by Marines at Quantico. Obama said the Pentagon assured him Manning’s treatment is “appropriate.”

Hot Air points out that Crowley was already raising eyebrows this morning with a tweet that compared the Middle East to the massive earthquake in Japan:

“We’ve been watching hopeful #tsunami sweep across #MiddleEast. Now seeing a tsunami of a different kind sweep across Japan,” Crowley tweeted Friday morning, a State Department official confirmed to The Cable. Crowley’s Twitter site no longer includes the tweet, suggesting that he deleted it after the fact. Crowley didn’t immediately respond to a request from The Cable.

Multiple administration sources told The Cable that the Defense Department leadership was very upset with Crowley about both incidents.

Rumors have circulated lately that Manning is suicidal. Another radio report I heard today said Manning is forced to wear a “smock” to bed, which is designed to make any suicide attempt impossible. Until that comment, I’ve heard repeatedly that Manning is forced to stand naked in his cell every evening. The Pentagon says their actions are designed for the Leaker’s safety.

Speaking of “stupid,”and lest I forget (which I did) The Lonely Conservative’s audacious memory reminds that P. J. Crowley is the funny man who sent birthday greetings to Iranian terrorist/madman/president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – on Twitter last year.

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Rodham Clinton says she accepted Crowley’s resignation with “regret.” Just my opinion here, but our Department of State is more of a danger to this country than Bradley Manning.

We should expect no less. Crowley is a former Senior Fellow and Director of Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress (far-left and dangerous). President George W. Bush made a near fatal mistake by not replacing the many Leftists in the State Department. Actually, it may be a fatal mistake yet. The next president must clean out that burrough of skunks. We desperately need diplomats with appreciation for what this country stands for, and who we are.  January 2012 evictions must begin.



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  • I’m dropping on my knees after writting this, and thanking God for this… Then I’m praying for our friends in Japan. But first for one of the rats leaving the sinking ship of state.

  • I absolutely agree with you, Maggie. The State Department is the enemy within. I could not be happier that Crowley resigned; now if only we could indict Clinton for crimes against democracy.

  • Lysol isn’t strong enough to clean up the mess at State. The place has been infested with trash since 1932.

  • Thomas Jackson

    State is not well regarded in DC because it is filled with no users. It is a self selecting group of losers. Doubt it? Look at their promotion rates and how promotions are done. A group of “black dragons” selected by the Sec State promotes those who most resemble them. Take a look at our professional ambassadors and DCMs to see what a group of losers they are.

    Can anyone think of a professional ambassador who has ever achieved anything outside of State? This is because they are only adept at manipulating the bureaucracy within State rather than accomplishing anything. Remember our State Department has accomplished what in the past thirty years besides promoting people like Chavez, Castro, Saddam and the like. Why do we have an embassy in Libya when it was well known that they were responsible for Lockerbie?

    State should be abolished. Its a bad joke.