Pirate Wants to Marry Naja Johansen – 13 Yr. Old Danish Hostage: Johansen Family Held Hostage – Family’s Freedom for Naja’s Hand in Marriage

A Danish reporter from Ekstra Bladet went searching for his fellow countrymen taken hostage by Somali pirates. He located the Johansen family, Jan Quist Johansen and his wife Birgit Marie, their sons Rune and Hjalte and 13-year-old daughter Naja. While he was not allowed to see the family, a smitten “chief” pirate is offering to set the parents and the boys free in exchange for young Naja becoming his wife.

Jan Quist Johanson Family

I have a solution to Somali’s pirating Westerners. We strafe the entire coastline. We bomb every ship in the harbor or dry dock, if Somalia has dry docks. Every time we are threatened on the high seas we strafe more land, coastline, and Somali ships on the seas. Sooner or later the people on the land will take care of their own and we should be back to happy sailing. The source for this story is MailOnline.

  • We know where they live. We should bomb the crap out of them, women and children be damned. I also don’t believe in trying them. Tie their hands behind their back and pitch them over. If they can’t bob the 15 miles or so to shore, too bad.

    • Carl

      Are you an American talking about the pirates or a Libyan talking about the US?

      • stan

        Since America has not taken any Danish families hostage….I guess we ain’t talkin’ about Libya clever boy.