Obama White House Popcorn and Bipartisanship? Where’s the Bipartisanship?

The Obama’s abandoned the White House Cocktail parties and instead began movie nights, according to this Politico article. Do you see “bipartisanship” in any form, in the pic below?” Maybe White House visitor logs will reveal Republicans actually attending a Popcorn and Bipartisanship movie viewing?


Lately, though, in the wake of renewed calls for bipartisanship, the schmoozy receptions have re-emerged, but in a new form: in front of the big screen.

The Obamas have opened up the White House theater and the elegant State Floor rooms to host a string of viewing parties in recent months. They have invited guests over to take in the Super Bowl last month, new movies (FLOTUS screened Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” for about 50 guests in November) and random sporting events such as last week’s Chicago Bulls-Charlotte Bobcats game.

For the basketball party, Obama, the so-called “first sports fan” and ESPN junkie, invited members of the Illinois and North Carolina delegations and officials from the Charlotte area, where the 2012 Democratic National Convention will be held. More than 50 people attended, at least one of whom — North Carolina Republican Rep. Sue Myrick — wore the jersey of her home-state team.

Last month, Obama hosted a screening of “Thurgood,” the HBO film about Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court justice. Over popcorn and soda, Obama’s guests — including activist Al Sharpton, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree and actor Don Cheadle — got some face time with the president.

Where’s the bipartisanship?

  • Obama and bipartisanship in the same article is more than laughable, its insane.

  • Wish I had that picture to add to my latest post. Seems like Obama is on a vacation even when he’s in DC. And as for bipartisanship, well don’t anyone hold their breath. It’s easier to just bypass Congress and do whatever he pleases…makes for more party time.