Obama Putts Japan Drowns, Burns, Explodes, Starves – Video

I found a couple of videos showing Obama’s stark disconnect with humanity and governance. Leadership is such a bother. Perhaps he feels he has achieved all that he set out to achieve. We are on the way to single payer health insurance and have a Department of Justice which has an openly-Black-bias when it comes to crime. Maybe there is nothing more Obama hoped for other than lifetime Presidential-Perks. UPDATE 4-7-11: If you are looking for updates on the April 7, 2011 earthquake 7.4 mag., I will have ongoing updates here.

Barack Obama on Golf Course

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQdC9zV5N0E’]
Brett Baier and The Panel Discuss Obama’s Disconnect (video)

This video comes from Granny Jane and Jihad Kitty (h/t Pundit and Pundette). See some heart-pounding tsunami footage:

Obama Putts – Japan Drowns, Burns, Explodes, Starves (video)


Ol’Broad has info on The Worldwide Leader in Sports (God help you if Obama picks your team) and his “picks” for the NCAA basketball tournament.

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  • BobF

    You know, this might be a very good thing that Obama’s out golfing and partying while the world is in crisis. Can you imagine how messed up it would be if he were actually trying to take charge and be the Commander-in-Chief?

  • He loves his leisure so much, why can’t we do him a favor and give him all the leisure he needs, by IMPEACHING HIM?

  • Thanks, I have a hard time believing the spring break Obama family trip to Brazil won’t be cancelled.
    But then I can never believe most of what he does.