Morning News/Views 3-2-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook

I’m way behind on my news and views roundups. If I missed you in this one, I’ll catch you soon.

PFC Ernest E. West - Medal of Honor Recipient


Atlas Shrugs has some perspective on the murders and grave woundings of American Airmen in Germany yesterday by a Muslim jihadi. Scroll down the Atlas article to read about Frankfurt, a hot bed of extremism in West Germany.

The Other McCain says maybe Glenn Beck was right about Progressives aiding Islamists in the the Middle East, and maybe the DOJ thinks so too and maybe the DOJ has an investigation underway.

JoshuaPundit says Louis Farrakhan is blaming it on the Jews again at the Nation of Islam’s “Saviours’ Day” convention (who knew?).

The Lonely Conservative also has the story of the Glenn Beck theory, and the SEIU ties to terrorists. Former SEIU head was the most frequent visitor to the White House, until he stepped down because of this investigation. Obama put him on his Deficit Commission, continuing the revolving door into the Oval Office.

Z-Truth has compiled a list of American Muslim organizations who are AGAINST Islamism, and also says The Islamic Society of Tulsa (my beautiful city) hosted a dinner with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an alleged unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing.

Debbie at Right Truth, a Tennessee beauty, says her state of Tennessee is trying to make it a felony to follow or knowingly support Islamic Sharia law.

The Gates of Vienna has been banned in Turkey and also reports that Pakistan’s minister for minorities was gunned down in his car and killed today. Shahbaz Bhatti is Catholic and has been a strong supporter of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Unions and/or Wisconsin:

Larry at Political Realities says the president shows us exactly who he is – can’t hide it, especially when talking about the near and dear to his heart Unions.

John Carey at THE SENTRY JOURNAL reports self-avowed communist and 9-11 truther, Van Jones – formerly of the Obama administration has arrived in Madison, Wisconsin with his own brand of snake oil to sustain the union thugs there. The International Socialists are there in fine form. See the video.

RedState reports legislation in Ohio passed to limit future collective bargaining to base salary for state employees.

Monkey in the Middle has a video with “Rob” from Madison, a member of the International Socialists, and “we study history”…and it’s like…”we try to teach people”…and…Watch the video and get a look at these people.

Cutting Spending:

Country Thinker, writing at Political Realities, explains why the GOP is not attacking women.

In case you missed my post on the astonishing salaries of Illinois teachers – before benefits, see it here.

Investors Business Daily has Congressman Paul Ryan talking about the short two-week continuing resolution to fund the government for only two weeks. He’s okay with it.

Donald Douglas at American Power Blog has a good piece on the problem of our massive entitlement programs. You may be surprised at the Tea Party position on Social Security.

Potential Presidents:

Conservative Pup asks: Can Sarah Upstage Barack? I’m hearing a lot of talk on Fox about why Newt is the guy, because he can handle Obama in a debate. What is there for Obama to stand on? A barking dog should be more believable than Barack. We don’t need Newt. I hope you’ll read this at Conservative Pup, and keep the focus of the mission, whether it is Palin, West, or the number of others. Having said that, I’ll be voting for the Republican no matter who it might be.

Speaking of Newt, Left Coast Rebel says Gingrich and Rick Santorum are off of Fox News Channel until such time they decide they are definitely NOT running for president. There some pithy conversation here.

Have you heard what Congressman Paul Ryan had to say about Mitt Romney? The Lonely Conservative has the story and it is a must-read.


Reaganite Republican Resistance says the Lockerbie Bomber wants to go back to Scotland. Really.

Westboro Baptist Church and the Supremes:

Adrienne’s Corner talks about the controversial issue of the Supreme Court decision on the loathesome Westboro bunch. I can’t figure out how they can call themselves Baptists.

Your Liberty:

Proof Positive has the story a of Medal of Honor Winner, PFC First Class Ernest West. West was raised in the Methodist Children’s Home in Kentucky. He served in the Korean War, and exhibited incredible bravery. He is still alive and is a reminder of the cost and privilege of Liberty.

Always on Watch links to a wonderful flash animation on The Philosophy of Liberty. Perfect for adults, and Middle Schoolers and above. This is about as good as an explanation gets.

Ted Kennedy:

Bob at The Camp of the Saints is onto Ted Kennedy – it’s about the “C” word and the “T” word. It will never be printed in the msm.


Theo Spark has the Neil Innes – The 7th Monty Python Video

Don’t you love Bob Newhart? James at Reaganite Republican Resistance has a fun video on Air Traffic Control. Today he’s 81 years old (Bob, not James).

Conservative Hideout’s famous Useful Idiot of the Month. Can you guess who? See the video, and the amazing stallions and don’t miss the subtitles.

Stacy McCain has your daily Charlie Sheen Update. Listed under Lighten Up! because we’re over the shock of the fullness of his self-destruction, and his children have been whisked away to safety.

If you missed the Oscars, Left Coast Rebel has a run-down, and if you haven’t heard, there was some talk from the stage about Unions. LCR has some thoughts about Hollywood and Unions.