Michelle Obama: 16 Outfits in 4 Days Video

This video courtesy of Granny Jan. If you don’t subscribe to her YouTube channel, you really must. Then check out the blog at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty. Watch this astounding array of coutour – 16 dresses (and pants and tights and handerchiefs) in only 4 days.

Michelle Obama - After

Michelle Obama - Before


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8i30O20OXM’]
Michelle Obama’s Sixteen Dresses in Four Days (video)

  • If I remember correctly, she hired a staff just to do her shopping for her. Doesn’t she have over 200 people working for her? But after all … she is the queen.

  • Nothing says she feels our pain like frequent and expense wardrobe changes!

  • …expensive…

  • During this time of economic depression???

    Well, the Obamas do see themselves as oh-so-special. Pfffft.

  • Ran

    Oh well…

  • I see she has given up the Klingon War Belts in favor of Ghetto chic.

  • BobF

    Her hair style seems to change quite often too.

  • LOL! Thanks for sharing this. I liked a couple of those looks, but what the heck was she thinking when she put on that striped number with the full yellow skirt? eeek