Michele Bachmann on Obama Birth Certificate Video

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) is asked if she would release her own birth certificate if she becomes a candidate for the Oval Office. She says yes, but then says the issue of Obama’s [natural-born status] birth certificate is the least important issue facing our country today. Of course she is most incorrect, but I will say this, in her postion of a reformer of America’s woeful fiscal situation, unemployment and the economy, she SHOULD continue to beat the drum about spending, while others force the solving of who Barack Obama actually is – is he natural-born? If the U.S. Constitution demands it, Congress must as well. What she should have said is this:


Michele Bachmann

Since we do not know if Barack Obama is natural-born, and we must know, it is a critical issue, but since we are two years out and still do not know who he is, for now I must work to kick-start jobs and the economy, while other try to get the Courts to hear the vital cases of Obama’s eligibility that have come before them. Once our economy is humming, I will be working for just that.


Michele Bachmann on Obama’s Birth Certificate (and who and what she is) (video)

  • Michelle needs to focus on the debt, Obama care, Libya..this is enough to get her elected as President. She is GREAT. I think of her as one of the BEST in the house. Wish Boehner would step down as speaker and let Michelle Bachmann take over.

  • Michelle is great! I hope she runs for president. If she focuses on the issues and keeps on speaking out strongly against Obama like she has the past few years she can definitely win the presidency.

  • Hi Maggie … I am a fan of Michelle Bachmann and have been for the last two years. It is my belief that she is one of the top three of for people in all of Washington. But having said that, I am also in agreement with what and how you worded your assessment of Michelle’s statement.

    I think both concerns are vital for America. We cannot have a non natural born person violating the Constitution. But, most people really question if he is who and what he says he is. Personally I don’t think he is … mainly because he acts like he hates America and is doing everything in his power to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever seen. And I don’t like it!! Throw the bum out in 2012.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Let me preface my comment with the fact I am a big fan of Michele Bachmann. And will add that Senator Jim DeMint shares my number one spot with Bachmann. That said, someone like the Donald can push the birther issue as the consequences don’t really matter. While I think Bachmann, like any other possible contender, has some large obstacles to overcome political reality at a minimum suggests not alienating potential voters by placing the birther issue on top.

    Yes, eligibility to be president is a serious issue. And it certainly needs to be addressed. But it is not the first time a president’s birthplace came into question and was not resolved. That alone may thwart attempts to get at the truth.

    My point is Michele Bachmann is a strong conservative. But like many she has created reasons for some not to vote for her. Taking a hard stand on the issue of this post would not benefit her potential presidential run nor finding the answer about Obama’s birthplace.

    It’s a lose/lose situation and I give her a pass on it for the reasons stated.