Michelle Bachmann Anthony Weiner: Hannity Tells Weiner Put Your Pants On

This is one of Hannity’s best. Bachmann takes on Weiner’s claim that the Bush administration created “the mess we’re in.” She does a good job. You can read the truth here. She essentially says Weiner is a liar. Hannity eventually tells Weiner to “put your pants on.” Hannity did most of the effortless heavy lifting on this one. Weiner’s only talking point is ‘Bush did it.’ See more on this story at Memorandum.

Anthony Weiner and Michelle Bachmann

Hannity, Bachmann and Weiner: Man up. Put Your Pants On (video)


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  • I watched the dialogue and when it was over, my only conclusion was that Mr. Weiner hasn’t a clue. He is therefore “the perfect” progressive. I am disappointed that anyone in NY would elect him more than once.

    • I looked up his district. He’s in Queens. The first historic site I clicked on was the Archie and Edith Bunker house LOL! It’s one of those crazily drawn districts near JFK. Most of it is water. He’s been in office since Jan. ’99.

      Weiner is famous for crossing his arms over his chest and yelling.

  • Dgine

    You’ve got to be kidding! Put anyone, Republican or Democrat, up against a bigger panel of opposing views and have the TV host be from the opposing view, you’d get what we see here.

    • Dgine, you obviously never watch a Weiner interview. He never has a fact in his head. Even when he’s on solo, it’s always the same old thing – except that sometimes he yells when he knows he is looking like a fool.

      This had nothing to do with Hannity and Bachmann. It’s business as usual for Weiner.

  • @Dgine. Interesting, however regardless of what you noted, facts are facts, Weiner is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. The Obama admin and the Democrats have opened the tiller and handed money without regard to any real accountability (remember “We have to pass this so we can see what’s in it” or words to that effect). Now we have to pay the piper and it’s going to hurt. But the responsibility for this mess is 5% Bush (and yes, he did spend too much) and 95% Obama who has always been more interested in being president than in acting presidential or being responsible for his decisions. Damn, I miss Harry Truman!

    • GM – absolutely right, and thank you! Weiner isn’t privileged to his own facts, although he tries it every time.

      I gave Dgine a link to prove that you can’t blame it on Bush, but he apparently wasn’t interested in that or what anyone here said.

  • What a weiner, Weiner is. Please America … put both Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin on the same ticket in 2012. It doesn’t matter which one is first … we need them both.

    • Carl, those two women are powerhouses. It it really gets to me that Republican women (as opposed to conservative women) do not like either of them.

  • The manic laugh at the end of the debate said it all.. this guy is a total waist of flesh.