Mark Steyn: John Boehner in Bob Dole’s Suit: Mark Levin Weakened John Boehner

I can’t tell you how I hate to start down this road of attacking John Boehner, but the time has come, at least for

Mark Levin

me. I have gone along with cutting programs each and every week, but believed it when told in the long run they would get the job done. I didn’t like the continual Continuing Resolutions after the first one. THEN I read this week, that as we cut a mighty $6 Billion, on the same day we added another $72 Billion to the debt. Mark Steyn is saying John Boehner is wearing Bob Dole’s suit, and Mark Levine says Boehner has weakened the Republican Party. I agree with both Marks. See a Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn video below.


Mark Levin points to Boehner’s refusal to use a government shutdown to make happen what we desperately need to happen:

“You weakened your own hand, you weakened the Republican Party, but more importantly you’re undermining conservative principles and the case we need to make. Why do you think Obama’s not negotiating with you, Mr. Boehner? Why do you think Mr. Reid could care less what you have to say? Because you have now backed yourself into a corner. They know your recent $6 billion in cuts. They know very well because those were the cuts they offered and same with the $4 billion before that. Those $10 billion in cuts were offered by the liberal Democrats. Now what are you going to do?”

Mark Steyn

Steyn says Boehner doesn’t get why is back in the Speaker’s seat.

I think John Boehner has basically climbed into the Bob Dole suit, and I think they misunderstand the lessons of the 2010 election, which is that the tea party chose to work within the diseased husk of the Republican Party it loathes.

The following video is Steyn’s interview with Hugh Hewitt, and believe me, the opening lines from Hugh Hewitt are depressing, and then…and then…Steyn describes us as “the brokest country in the history of the planet.”

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Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt

The Conservative Hideout linked. Thank you, Matt. The Hideout has a great news link roundup today. Click here.

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  • Boehner really is turning into a disappointment, as is this so-called GOP majority… Somehow, when Dems are in power, the GOP is all up in the air, attacking each and every word, but once the GOP gets some power back, they get all touchy-feely and head for the RINO herd..

  • I hate to say it Fred … but you may be right. I don’t hate to agree with you, I agree most of the time. I just hate how slow things are going. Come on Michelle Bachmann.

  • I would agree with the very first part of your post: “I can’t tell you how I hate to start down this road of attacking John Boehner”…The problem is in what follows “but”….
    We can close our eyes and act in a political vacuum and lose sight of our ultimate goal, November 2012, or we can follow a path where our battles won do not derail us from this goal.
    This is what Boehner is doing. Judging him now is way premature. The ultimate and only judgment that counts will be in November 2012. None of the arguments stated here really keep in sight this premise. In the meantime he is not exactly losing battles. He has been able to cut 10 billion of the budget in 5 weeks. This is equivalent of cutting 104 Billion in a year. That is exactly what he promised before the election of 2010.
    The pressure of the Tea Partiers is a good thing and I support them, but eventually Boehner will be able to satisfy the most impatient of them without playing into the hands of the Democrats who are looking to paint the Republicans as radical and uncompromising.
    If we follow the advice of the most impatient too soon, we make only one party happy, the Democrats.

  • They had better wake up real soon or the Republicans are done.

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