Marisol Valles US Asylum: Marisol Valles ‘Bravest Woman’ Flees to US

Marisol Valles, the 20-year old Police Chief in Paxedis Guerro, is in the U.S. seeking asylum. Valles, often called the “bravest woman in Mexico,” was told she must come to work for the drug cartels or die. The young mother of a baby boy took the job as police chief in October 2010 after the former Mayor and son were murdered, and the police chief tortured and beheaded. See the video below.

Marisol Valles

Paxedis Guerro is located near the Rio Grande border with the U.S. In the beginning, she made it clear to the criminal elements, or tried to make it clear, that she is never armed and her goal was to help her people with social issues, not tangle with them. Apparently they wanted to tangle with her. Ms Valles is believed to be in the U.S. with two of her relatives. Updates as available. Source: BorderlandBeat and NYPostRead background on Marisol Valles Garcia here.