Marisol Valles Asylum or Not?

Marisol Valles, the 20 year old known as “the bravest woman in Mexico,” and “Mexico’s Top Cop,” fled her position as police chief of Praxedis G. Guerrero and crossed the U.S. border somewhere. She is reportedly in hiding her, and asking for asylum. Now there are accusations that she took the Police Chief job in her violent city, in the violent state of Chihuahua, simply to escape to the U.S.

Marisol Valles

If that’s the case, she certainly would not be an unknown entity to the U.S. as her story of the criminology student with a small child, trying to keep the streets of her city safe from drug cartels who favor beheadings as the punishment of choice, made news worldwide. But Patrick Michels at the Dallas Observer says asylum for Marisol is no-sure-thing.

But even for high-profile Mexican cops like Valles, asylum is all too often a losing bet here in the U.S. — as Chris Vogel and I reported last fall in the Paper Version of Unfair Park. As we pointed out then, fewer than 2 percent of asylum claims from Mexico were granted from 2005 to 2009, well below the 45 percent average for all countries combined.

Some of the toughest judges in the system are just downtown at Commerce and Griffin — and that could be bad news for Valles. While American press only reported she was “in hiding” after crossing the border at Fort Hancock, Fox News’ Spanish-language Efe saidValles was “waiting to appear before an immigration judge in Dallas,” citing Gustavo De la Rosa Hickerson, a prominent Human Rights Commission official in Chihuahua. Other Spanish-language outlets have also since said Valles is waiting for her turn before one of the four immigration judges based here.

Valles’s attorneys, understandably, don’t seem too interested in coming forward to talk about their case right now. But it’s worth recalling the Jose Alarcon, an ex-cop from Juarez whose asylum claim here in Dallas was denied last December.

Michels says the judge in Alarcon case (now on appeal) said policeman face danger all the time. Read the story here.

I was critical of Marisol Valles Garcia taking the job in the first place, and made the comment that I hoped the town’s men were surrounding this young mother as she walked the streets. It literally made me sick to my stomach to think of it. Where have all of proud Mexican men gone?

In her town of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, the town’s mayor was murdered, along with other police and security officers. Some were beheaded.

Erica Gandara

While I want our borders CLOSED, SEALED completely, now that Marisol is here, I say let her stay, and send home some illegals who didn’t both to try to come legally, who are filling our schools and on the taxpayer dime. Get the borders CLOSED now, and we won’t have to face these heart-wrenching situations in the future. In the meantime, let’s keep prayers winging for Erika Gandara, another Top Cop in the town of Guadalupe, Mexico, also in the state of Chihuahua. She was kidnapped from her home on Christmas Eve and her house was torched. She hasn’t been heard from since.