Katie Couric Leaving CBS? Scott Pelley Taking Couric’s Place?

Has anything ever been as irrelevant as Katie Couric leaving the CBS Evening News? If the network’s political bent continues to be aggressively Progressive, from the news desk, they will remain irrelevant. Scott Pelly is considered the favorite to replace her, but it’s not a lock. Pelley is a correspondent with 60 Minutes. See a video below.

Katie Couric: How a short person makes her legs look longer

She doesn’t have to worry, everyone wants Katie:

She is now exploring daytime or syndication deals—including with CBS, whose chairman, Les Moonves, remains a strong supporter. CBS is hopeful about finding a way to keep Couric, but her team is also talking to her former network, NBC; to ABC, and to Time Warner.

If she is to launch a syndicated program in the fall of 2012, it would debut in the middle of the general election campaign—and the enormous preparation involved in such a launch would be difficult if her day job was as a network anchor.

Scott Pelley

Pelley is considered “the opposite of a celebrity journalist.” While he has hard-news creds, some say he may “lack flair.” It doesn’t matter who takes the seat. Simply reporting real news, without the liberal bias from the anchor desk, would be a first good step for whomever steps in.

Katie, however, did a great job on a Funny or Die comedy sketch. For fun, check out the kiddos. They are amazing.

Katie Couric: Shake Your Sillies Out (video)

Memeorandum linked – Thank You! See their thread for more on Katie.

  • This bit of news is right up there with who won the oscars and the NFL players strike.

  • Ho hum. Anyone watching CBS Evening News’ ratings continuing to nosedive after Couric succeeded Rather, saw this coming a year or two ago. Rather himself singlehandedly destroyed the “Tiffany Network’s” reputation for objective reporting [although Cronkite was a closet libtard] and Couric came after just to mop up the remaining viewers, losing another three million. I can remember thirty years ago when CBS was riding highest among the three and now you might as well put the beast out of its misery. The Evening News is a moribund tradition and cutbacks have made it basically an agitprop political crutch for the Demonrats on all three alphabet networks.

  • daveinboca and Silver: Couric has to be kicking herself for this debacle.