Judge MaryAnn Sumi Blocks New Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law

Wisconsin Judge Mary Ann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order on Wisconsin’s new restricting collective bargaining in the state. The county District Attorney requested the order based on a lawsuit claiming Republicans broke the 24-hour open meeting notice law. All of the Democrats in Wisconsin’s state senate were sitting in Illinois to avoid the vote. Republicans stripped out the collective bargaining issue and voted on it separately. For almost three weeks Democrats knew they were obligated to show up and vote, but did not do so. I’m awaiting details on all of this and will have begun updates and insight at bottom of article.

The Democrat Secretary of State refused to publish the law until the last allowed minute on March 25th, to give unions the opportunity stick it to taxpayers one last time.

Since senate leader, Jeff Fitzgerald announced that every Democrat senator is still in contempt of the Senate, the yo-yo’s couldn’t vote anyway. So the 24-hours was to allow the public to protest, which they were doing any way – and were specifically and violently protesting the collective bargaining restrictions, the meeting law was of no consequence.

It will be interesting to see how Republicans defend this against the Progressives. Take a look at the short video below from Conservative Hideout showing union violence, see the death threats here, and Twitter death threats here, and then see the video of union members destroying Republican recall petitions of Democrat Senator Jim Holperin.

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly is interviewing Wisconsin Republican Senator Glen Drothman, who is saying Republicans sought legal council to assure that the ‘special session’ they were working under clearly negated the requirement for the open meetings law.’ Kelly points out that Judge Sumi is a liberal judge. Drothman says well, Dane County is the most liberal county in the state.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7b0grXPdWM’]
The Union Label = Violence (video)


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