Joe Biden Scott Powers: Biden Staff Locks Reporter Scott Powers in Closet for 90 Minutes – on Purpose!

OMgosh. Joe Biden’s staff reportedly locked Florida reporter Scott Powers in a closet to keep him from talking to the 150 guests at a fundraiser. He was invited to cover the event at the home of Alan Ginsburg, but was locked-up for 90-minutes. He managed to email his office from his cell phone. I’ll have updates if and when available.

Scott Powers

As the unaware $500-a-head invitees dined on caprese crostini with oven-dried mozzarella and basil, rosemary flatbread with grapes honey and gorgonzola cheese, grilled chicken Caesar and garden vegetable wraps, veteran reporter Scott Powers was locked away.

Powers, who works for the Orlando Sentinel, was the designated “pool” reporter for the event. Oddly, they committed only a blog post linked below to this astonishing news. The Biden staff did not want Powers mingling with guests until the Veep arrived, and a staffer stood outside the closet door to make sure he didn’t escape.  A guest at the event email The Mail with this:

‘I was in attendance at the Fundraiser and enjoyed a nice lunch.

‘If I had known there was a reporter stuffed in the closet, I would have been compelled to stand up and demand answers.

‘I would also like to know if this is actually legal to treat people like caged animals. I’m disgusted by these actions.’

Ginsburg apologized and said he had no idea Powers was locked up. Biden’s staff emailed an apology. No word from Joe Biden that I can find. Memorandum linked this story. See others conversing there. Protein Wisdom has an update.


  • Ran


    • Ran, no word yet. I doubt it even gets reported.

    • Ran, it appears the Progressive Orlando-Sentinel is not planning to file suit, let alone speak out on it.

  • Bits

    “I’ll have updates if and when available”
    Well there’s a photograph showing this “closet” to be a spare room full of junk. So, you know, you could always update your headline.

    • It was a closet and I linked to the picture. The photo is not mine to post. I guess the unpleasantry of being kept in a closet, at an event you were invited to, escapes you.

      We understand who Progressives are and believe me, we will never let you get away from using that word again. You dumped it once many years ago, when the public caught on. It will forever stay in the public’s mind from the Obama reign forward.

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