Jim DeMint’s Litmus Test: Who in Congress is on Your Side?

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) was the keynote speaker at yesterday’s Conservative Principles Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. He laid out a litmus test for deciding who in Congress is on your side, and who is not. Linked at the end of this article is a starting place to the culling-out of candidates – separating the chafe from the wheat, so to speak. You will be glad you “clicked.”

Jim DeMint

“If you want to know which presidential candidate is on your side, watch what they do with the debates in Congress now.

As we’re talking about how much to cut in this continuing resolution for the balance of this year — and some propose that we cut more — see what these candidates say,” DeMint said.

“Are they taking a bold stand to challenge Republicans to keep their promises from the election?

When we talk about a balanced budget amendment, are they advocating with us or are they sitting on the sidelines?

When we’re debating whether or not to raise the debt ceiling where do these candidates stand?

If you want to know which ones are on your side, see what they say publicly over the next several months and the next year about the debates in Congress about foreign policy and intervention in Libya.” Source: ABCNews

The bottom line is, we have to pay attention. We must know the votes coming to the floor in time to interact with our CongressCritters. We must know the roll call votes, and we must share that with friends, relatives and neighbors who do not pay attention as intensely as you and I.

Having said all that, Doug Ross stepped out with an analysis of the top 10 candidates. He sticks to the issues, but gives his opinion. His post is a good place to determine if there is something pertinent about these candidates that you were not aware of. Thanks to my friend Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner for the Doug Ross article.


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