Jeff Sessions Forces Heather Higginbottom on Obama’s Budget – Uncomfortable Truth

Heather Higginbottom, Obama’s nominee for the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) appeared before the Senate Budget Committee. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) with a smile on his face forces Higginbottom to admit Obama’s 2012 budget does add to the national debt. even though Obama denies it, as does current OMB Director, Jack Lew. See the video below.

Jeff Sessions

Higginbottom uses many of the Obama administration keywords: “severe economic downturn,” “a path,” “stablize,” “important first step,” “large task in front of us,” “bipartisan,…” Sessions continues smiling and forcing the issue that Obama has lied to the American people.

Sessions ends with a few powerful words about Jack Lew: “…but I’ve been stunned by his public statements about the debt and my confidence in him has been reduced.

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Senator Jeff Sessions questions Heather Higginbottom about Adding to Debt (video)

  • Figures don’t lie … just the people giving them to you.

    • Amen Carl. I’m so sick and tired of how the Government lies, to cover up the truth. Any, and I repeat, ANY… A N Y… private business lied and pulled the crap that our government pulls…. they’d be in jail. This woman would never work for me.. or any business I’d ever create. She’s a Hack.

  • Kinda hard to defend the indefensible. Kinda fun to watch her try and FAIL. Thanks for this, great find.