Iran Behind Attacks on Israel on Way to Takedown U.S.

Israel believes Iran is behind the recent escalation of attacks against them. The Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon says Iran is seeking the demise of Israel on the way to assuring the demise of the United States.

From CBN:

He told CBN News that the recent murders of an Israeli couple and three of their young children by Palestinian terrorists were the end result of daily anti-Semitic indoctrination by the Palestinian Authority.

“If Israel doesn’t appear on the Palestinian maps, or the land of Israel is covered with the Palestinian flag; if they consider occupation since ’48, not since ’67, it means that the conflict is not about the size of Israel or its borders, but it is about our very existence,” Ya’alon explained.

Ya’alon said he is also concerned about developments in the nation bordering Israel to the south, Egypt, where the radical Muslim Brotherhood is steadily gaining influence.

“They have a very clear goal: to impose Islam everywhere,” Ya’alon said. “Either by converting non-Muslims to become Muslims or through the sword — to kill them.”

According to Ya’alon, a massive shipment of Iranian weapons bound for Gaza that was recently seized by Israel was further proof of Iran’s intentions, which he says extend far beyond the Middle East. More of the same. These reports never wane, but are rarely reported. This is why Israel has the power to board and inspect ships (like the Gaza flotilla) in the area.

The Israeli Defense Force is bombing Gaza smuggling tunnels again. They crop-up like yard moles. If you haven’t seen how these tunnels work, click here and take a look at this.

…deep beneath the watchtowers and fences of Gaza’s 10-mile long border with Egypt, a sprawling warren of hand-dug burrows now supplies everything from food, petrol and designer jeans through to guns, drugs and black market Marlboro cigarettes. Tunnel gangs charge premiums of up to 150 per cent on their cargos, raking in tens of thousands of dollars a week and making the excavation business one of Gaza’s few growth industries.

“We bring through laptops, clothes, computers, medicines, mobile phones and even people,” said Hisham al Loukh, 23, another tunneller. “There was even a bride from Egypt who came through one recently to get married to a man in Gaza.”

Here’s the video of the Vice Prime Minister.

Israel Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon: Iran encouraging Hamas aggression against Israel (video)

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  • thats exactly what Hussein O wants…good GOD.

  • Obama will try to impose a no-fly zone on Israel and all hell will break loose.