Income Inequality: A Liberal Fantasy

An expert on not having any or enough money. Essentially that is the resume’ of a certain academic. It is not surprising that he believes rich people should pay more taxes. But from his interview it is almost comical what he says about CEOs. He claims they were paid about 40 times the compensation of average workers in the 1980s. He claims they are paid about 400 times above worker average now. And he asks if they are worth ten times the 1980s amount?

The comical part is this guy is a professor, aka, a teacher and one would expect he belongs to a union. I wonder if he holds the same opinion on wages for public sector union employees? Granted, union members may not match the compensation of CEOs but then CEOs are not typically subsidized by the taxpayer.

Sure, I’m guessing about some of the details. What are the odds I’m wrong? What I’m not wrong about is this academic’s take on income inequality. If you do not generate an income that satisfies you, whose fault is that?

Liberals contend someone else is to blame. That fits well with their idea that if you are successful you are obligated to share your wealth. They not only demonize those who have earned boatloads of cash but have no problem with taxing everyone to use OPM (other people’s money) to fund their agenda.

The public sector unions who gouge taxpayer’s for their bloated compensation are exempt from this criticism. Largely because they fund Democrats’ political campaigns with their ill-gottne gains union members are considered beyond reproach by other liberals.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview that should pique your interest to read the rest:

But shouldn’t wealth confer some advantage? People have earned it.

Certainly they are entitled to it. The question is to what extent we feel the level of inequality is reasonable. Because if you let it play out completely on its own, you’re going to wind up with a smaller and smaller group of haves and a growing group of have-nots. So it’s not about stopping people from passing on wealth to the next generation or earning a high income. But it’s about what is right in terms of redistribution.

It would be impolite to express what I’m thinking after reading that excerpt. No, it’s not that I’m being PC (politically correct) but my mother taught me better than that. To express my outrage in terms not acceptable for ‘polite society’ is out of bounds. You would almost think I was raised by the rich. That is not the case.

Not rich in monetary terms but wealthy beyond measure in what matters. Hard work, self-discipline, knowing the value of a dollar and placing duty, honor, country and other people above all else. These are traditional American values as are conservative principles that value our founding, liberty and individual responsibility.

Funny how my less than wealthy parents taught me what is good and right. And we never expected someone else to pay our way. You earn what you deserve. If you cannot provide for yourself we will help you. You will live within your means. Not everyone will be successful. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness never guaranteed that. But if you get your head right, doing the right thing will be its own reward and your life will be fulfilling.

Income inequality has nothing to do with it.

Stanford Matthews

  • ” But it’s about what is right in terms of redistribution.” Socialist….being an artist, I deal with the successful in this world. Punishing them has a trickle down affect on the real economy.
    When you punish the rich, I can’t sell them a bronze, in return, I can’t order the foundry to create that bronze, in return, the foundry takes in less money. The hundred or so people who work for that foundry, find that they are working less and the employer can no longer afford to keep most of them. So well trained foundry workers have to find other jobs or go on welfare. When that happens, less raw bronze is ordered causing a ripple affect in that business. Less welding wire is ordered, again ripple down affect. Less wood bases ordered from carpenters, again ripple down affect. Galleries have to close, and gallery employees laid off, ripple down… You see, it’s not a simple thing to redistribute.. it’s a deadly thing to the economy.
    I have a gallery owner in California who’s a redistribution thinker. I ask him, how’s that working for ya… He gives me some stupid argument that the super rich aren’t affected, yet he can’t pay me what he owes me, because he hasn’t made enough sales to pay his bills, so I don’t get the money for bronzes he’s ordered and here I am holding the bag, with casting costs on bronzes I’ve ordered for him sitting in the foundry. The foundry pressing to get paid. I can’t because the A hole who ordered them… the Liberal gallery owning A hole finds his cash flow is suffering. Liberals are sick.. Yet he’s for taxing the rich more.. irresponsible brains.

  • David …

    You told me before that you and the other artists in Montana are operating on “a wing and a prayer.” I believed you then just because you said it. But now, after reading about the ripple down effect and how it effects everything you do, it shows the problem the whole nation is in. They keep looking for intelligent life in outer space … I think they would be better off to try and find some here on earth. The trouble with finding any, the intelligent people don’t want anything to do with Washington D.C.

    • Todd, another artist friend of mine and I went to Jackson Wyoming on Monday. I had to pick up bronzes, he was going to confront a gallery that had owed him money since December. He was going to pull his work from the gallery. He asked me to back him up. When confronted the gallery owner said.. I have your check right here. Even though she had told him she sent it to him. He got his money but that’s what we artists are dealing with. It’s because of the uncertainty in the economy that galleries and artists are stretched to the limits. He couldn’t pay his rent for this month. I may not be able to next month. Yeah it’s due to the punishing of those who have achieved and they just want to keep on punishing them. Oh.. one of Todd’s major buyers is Tom Brokaw.. He hasn’t bought anything from Todd lately..

  • BobF

    This is something those on the left can’t grasp. If the poorest man in America made $150,000 per year, he would still be the poorest man in America, living in utter poverty.

  • Great point Bob. What Americans call poverty, the people here in Africa call rich.

    • Trestin your so right. I went to Mexico City years ago to do research on a Mayan Indian bronze I was working on. I saw kids begging in the streets. I didn’t eat much. I ended up giving my food to them. This country (USA) has no idea what poverty is.

  • Doomed

    Those on the left want EVERYONE to make 150,000 per year.

    Of course. Except for those who have seized power and dictate to the rest of us what we can and cannot do. What we can and cannot own.