Harry Reid: Federal Taxes are Voluntary

This video is from April 2008 – an interview with Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) – claims that paying federal taxes is voluntary. An astonishing fact: Reid has been subsequently been re-elected to office. Reid says paying federal taxes is voluntary…”our system is a voluntary system.” He comes to this conclusion because the government does not take all of your tax payment from your employer, as is done in other countries. The fact that you get a home mortgage deduction on your taxes, is proof that paying federal taxes is “voluntary.”

Harry Reid

AlliDrac posted this video with this insightful comment:

“When you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

The Lonely Conservative has a great post up on how the U.S. is taxed among all other OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. Follow the link to the tax table, and keep it handy for all your Progressive friends.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7mRSI8yWwg’]
Senator Harry Reid: U.S. Federal Tax payments are voluntary (video)

Memorandum linked – Thank You! Check out their ongoing conversation here.

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  • Thanks for linking back, Maggie. We’re just trying to fight fire with facts.

    • A. M. Thompson

      Our senators don’t pay taxes because they know the system is voluntary. They, however, are not punished like the common man because they are given a “free ride”. The common man has to come out of the system (some work to do) to be free….but then life is not easy in this current government structure, but you are free and will remain free if you get out while you still can.

  • I’ll guarantee you… if I didn’t pay my taxes, I’d be in jail. This whole thing Harry is trying to put across is double speak..

  • A. M. Thompson

    Reid put his foot in his mouth. He knows the “system” is “voluntary”. When he realized what his statement had gotten him into, he had to back track and spoke gobbly gook about foreign countries. What Reid knows and does not want you to know is that the social security system puts you in the system. SS is voluntary, but they have not taught you this because they want us all to have a number so they can use us as borrowing power and serf labor. They have based information and convenience on your SSN making everyone believe they need to be in the system. Over the years, the system has evolved that if you aren’t in the system life is extremely difficult for you but not impossible. Everyone (including employers) have been dumbed down to believe you have to be part of the system. You don’t have to be, but the government increasingly boxes us in with “goodies” to get us and keep us in the system. Then there are all the adhesion contracts that put us in the system and keep us there if we don’t cancel them……marriage license (why do we ask permission of the state to marry when this should be a family decision?; birth certificates; driver’s license; etc.) Adhesion contracts keep us tied in to the system and continually updated with the feds so they can enslave us. We have been born into this and have no idea what true freedom really is. Research this and you will be amazed, angry and wonder how our people allowed our sovereignty to be taken from us so easily. They promised goodies and we fell for it. Kind of like the serpent and the woman some call, Eve.