Haiti Cholera May Kill 800,000: Gross Underestimate of Cholera in Haiti: Cholera Comes to US

The Cholera outbreak in earthquake ravenged Haiti is killing thousands. Experts are shocked. The deaths of 400,000 were expected but the pace of the disease now threatens to double that estimate to near 800,000. No Cholera has be seen in Haiti for more than 100 years, until now, and the rampaging onslaught of illness and death is not expected to be a short-term event. Try doing a search for the numbers infected and the number of dead and you’ll see no one really knows.

Haiti Cholera Epidemic

The inept United Nations had a hand in underestimating the disease. The report linked below says conditions could be greatly improved with provisions of clean water, vaccinations and access to antibiotics. Where are the billions in aid that has flooded into Haiti? How can it be that Haitians still do not have acceptable water to drink and cook with? I can understand the lack of infrastructure and even housing, but I cannot grasp that clean water is not provided to people living in such deplorable conditions. We can’t fix everything in their lives, but the world can surely provide water and temporary toilets to keep the level of disease at a minimum and the $3.70 Cholera vaccination should have been a first defense.

In November 2010, the first known case of Cholera coming from Haiti was diagnosed in Florida. The woman has since recovered. At that time, several other cases were suspected. Three New Yorkers returned from a wedding in the Domincan Republic and were diagnosed with Cholera in early February 2011. Here’s a tip printed in the MailOnline:

Those with cholera can recover rapidly, particularly if they rehydrate by drinking water with salt or sugar. In some cases, intravenous treatment and antibiotics might be required.

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The BBC:

In the three months between October and December 2010, about 150,000 people in Haiti contracted cholera and about 3,500 died.

Around this time, the United Nations projected that the total number infected would likely rise to 400,000.

But researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, say this is a gross underestimate.

They believe the toll could reach 779,000, with 11,100 deaths by the end of November 2011.

Dr Sanjay Basu and colleagues reached their figures using data from Haiti’s ministry of health.

They say the UN estimates were “crude” and based on “a simple assumption” that the disease would infect a set portion (2-4%) of Haiti’s 10 million population.

This January report says the Haiti Cholera has spread to all provinces of the Dominican Republic. It has also been over 100 years since the DR has seen an incidence of Cholera, until now.

Disease in the earthquake-devastated Japan will, hopefully, be better tended. Sewers are open and flowing and the people have nothing to make their lives livable. If the World’s leaders can’t stave-off a massive Cholera outbreak, with all we know about it, and all we how about how to prevent it, then God help us all.