Greta and Sarah Palin on Obama Libyan Speech Video: Gaddafi Fleeing to African Haven?

Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteran had a chat last night after Obama’s speech on why we are in Libya and what we are doing there. This is a great discussion between these two women with Greta fully engaging, rather than solely interviewing. Listen for Sarah’s comments on The North Star, an image she often evokes. See the video below.

Sarah Palin

Palin quotes an Obama Senior National Security Advisor’s statement and says :

We don’t make decisions on intervention based on consistency or precedent

President and Company are flying by the seat of their crisply pressed trousers.

AP writer Ann Gearan is quoted in the Guardian saying the war the president described “doesn’t quite match the fight the U.S. is in:

It also doesn’t line up with the conflict Obama himself had seemed to presage, when he expressly called for [Gaddafi’s] overthrow or resignation.

Obama’s stated goals stop well short of that. And although Obama talked of the risks of a long war, he did not say just when or on what terms the United States would leave Libya.

The news of arms to Libyan rebels confirms that Obama had his own “Mission Accomplished” moment last night when he said:

We have stopped Qaddafi’s deadly advance.

Apparently not, and apparently the no-fly/no-sail zone has paved the path for victory for the rebels but…they cannot get the job done without continuing American intervention.

Another Guardian story says Italy is trying to organize an “African haven” for Gaddafi and his family. The U.S. says that okay.

Sarah Palin with Greta on Obama’s Libya Speech (video)