Geeeez! Debt Jumps $72B on the Day We Cut $6B

There is so much wrong with this. We sit out here hoping Boehner and company knows what they’re doing while Reps. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn) and Steve King (R-IA) are calling for a fight. They lost and we passed a continuing resolution for another three weeks. This is going nowhere but to hell. Proof of that is realizing that on the very day we cut $6 billion, our debt jumped $72 billion. This is insanity.

John Boehner

From Ticker at Jus’ Saying:

Bachmann and Steven King (R-Iowa) called for the GOP to stand by their pledge. “If we do not stand our ground on the CR (continuing resolutions)… and use it to stop the $105.5 billion… Obamacare will be implemented on our watch, and …we will find it difficult–if not impossible–to regain the strategic advantage.”

For gosh sakes, we are getting nowhere shaving chips off the log. Let’s call their bluff. Shut-down the government if we must and defund ObamaCare. It’s time Speaker Boehner.

More from Ticker:

Right now, it’s the Democrats with the strategic advantage. For weeks, they’ve managed to “bully” the GOP with their threat of a government shutdown. Everyone, including the Associated Press knows there’s really no such thing as a government shutdown (unless you’re planning a visit to the National Parks).

Given the fact of how limited the impact would be, there’s absolutely no reason for Republicans to cower, hide under their desk and not stand their ground on the pledge made pre-November and in January.

Nevertheless, the three-week extension  gives up not only social ground but fiscal ground as well. Of the twenty-five programs targeted in this CR, twenty-three of the cuts were requested by the President or Democrats. As for the other two, they simply end the funding for two projects that no longer exist. So far all the three CR;s have done is cut $10 billion but it is but a smoke screen to cover the $4 billion that is being borrowed every day.

Cubachi quotes Utah’s Senator Mike Lee:

“It is unfortunate that Members of Congress in both parties are supporting a losing strategy, rather than doing what is right for the country,” said Lee. “The continuing resolution maintains unsustainable spending levels despite widespread agreement that we need meaningful reductions. The question before the Senate is whether we are going to take bold action now to reduce our deficit and control spending, or keep putting it off and drive the country further into debt.

Lee is a constitutional conservative and he is desperately needed in the Senate. Just because we do not have a majority in the senate doesn’t mean every conservative should not be getting into print (and on YouTube) every single day. I’m glad to hear a voice there and hope he will continue to speak out.

CNS News:

If Congress were to cut $6 billion every three weeks for the next 36 weeks, it would manage to save between now and late November as much money as the Treasury added to the nation’s net debt during just the business hours of Tuesday, March 15.

At the close of business on Monday, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt, the total national debt stood at $14.166 trillion ($14,166,030,787,779.80). At the close of business Tuesday, the debt stood at $14.237 trillion ($14,237,952,276,898.69), an increase of $71.9 billion ($71,921,489,118.89).

Since the beginning of fiscal year 2011–which began on Oct. 1, 2010–the national debt has climbed from $13.5616 trillion ($13,561,623,030,891.79) to $14.2379 trillion ($14,237,952,276,898.69) an increase of $676.3 billion ($676,329,246,006.90).

Congress would need to cut spending by $6 billion every three weeks for approximately the next six and a half years (338 weeks) just to equal the $676.3 billion the debt has increased thus far this fiscal year.

If hearing that our debt jumping $72BILLION DOLLARS on the very day we played around and cut $6BILLION doesn’t spell out the danger we are in, then what will?

I suggest we all tweet Boehner about our dismay, our angst and ask him to explain how he plans to fix this, because clearly he can’t keep chipping away and make any progress.

MESSAGE TO CONGRESS: Get to every mic you can find and echo Bachmann and King. Do it now. Start Talking. Start Bitching. Make the point. Do it now. Oh, I forgot, you’re on vacation next week. Damn. See the roll call vote here.


  • Maggie – due to the “gift” of the Japan earthquake given to the lefties, the house of cards will be falling down very soon. I believe we only have months until the whole thing implodes.

    I’m not saying this to be some sort of tin foil wearing doomsday type, but as someone who believes in the constancy of math and the prudence of being prepared.

  • They had better stand for us. We went through so much without any politicians on our side. Now we have a majority in congress and we need them to stop the bleeding.

  • Doomed

    Its a step in the right direction and if I was the GOP I would fight for 3 weeks to pass another 3 week resolution and increase the cuts in each and every one.


    Because IF they are doing this…they are NOT passing more Obamacare….energy policy or other things that will destroy jobs and destroy the economy.

    President Obama and the Democrats along with their SO CALLED>>? Middle Class defense…are nothing more then Thugs who want to beat you with an ugly stick to get their way. They will fund Democratic candidates to the tune of 100’s of millions of dollars then CRY that their PENSIONS are UNFUNDED and the GOVERNMENT HAS TO STEP IN AND BAIL THEM OUT.

    SO keep it up Mr. Speaker….spend every day for the next two years fighting for a 3 week extension.

    Its the only way to prevent more damage to this country….thanks for your service.

  • Doomed

    What would have happened to ford, toyota and nissan et al if the US had allowed GM to go Bankrupt and ultimately OUT OF BUSINESS?

    Ford, Toyota and Nissan would have sold more cars due to one HUGE competitor not being in the market place but with the same demand in car sales.

    Now as to the repercussions of Japan.

    I believe that a couple things are most likely to happen…..

    1. The USA will Borrow money from Japan and then give it back to Japan.

    2. The nuke plant melting down….even totally is a non issue other then the amount of farmland it will destroy for a couple decades. It is going to create about a 100 square mile dead zone in Japan and it will hurt their agriculture to the tune of about 3 percent…..It simply means their economy will have to import even more food which will further drive food prices higher.

    3. The world economy is actually heating up right now. The world is rebounding and it is only in America and western Europe that things remain stagnant because of socialist policies that are hindering the work of the market place. With one less competitor on the market for the next 1-2 years the economy will heat up even more. Secondly Japan will become an even bigger debtor nation needing even more goods and services IMPORTED to their shores in the next 2-3 years causing the worlds economy to boom even further.

    Fundamentally folks the WORLD is a gigantic Ponzi scheme nowadays. We take from the next generation to fund this generation. We put a man in prision for life for doing what every government in the world does on a daily basis…..

    theres something totally wrong with that……and THAT is whats got the American right in a tizzy while the left has realized for decades whats going on and are totally confused as to why the right is suddenly waking to the fact that its all been a giant charade.

  • The numbers are scary, Maggie. Let’s not forget that the Baby Boomers are hitting retirement. That means our fiscal situation gets worse each year for the next twenty years from that fact alone.

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