Gaddafi’s Compound Hit by Tomahawk Missile? Smoke Reported

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner is confirming that Gaddafi’s residence (palace – compound) has been

Muammar Gaddafi

hit, and smoke is seen coming from it. Jennifer Griffin is also on saying U.S. officials have told her that have the same report, and furthermore, the word is that it has been hit by a Tomahawk missile or missles. The working theory is that the missile lobbed by Americans. We left that up to the French or the Brits apparently. Ongoing updates below.

Yesterday, thousands of Gaddafi supporters turned out to form a shield around the compound. The gates were thrown open, and for the first time Libyans were encouraged to enter in support of their leader. It should have been the perfect human shield for the wily Muammar Gaddafi, but if this report is true, perhaps not.

It is inconceivable to believe that Gaddafi remained in his compound, after Reagan bombed it in the 1986 attack.

UPDATE 10:00 am CDT: Fox is confirming that it was Brits who lobbed tomahawk missiles into Gaddafi’s compound.

UPDATE 7:00 pm CDT: Steve Harrigan says the damage is to an administrative building, but is saying there is skepticism about how recently the building was hit. There are reports of smoke being seen, but whether it is from recent damage or manufactured, isn’t known.

UPDATE 6:50 pm CDT: Harris Faulkner is now saying all bets are on the Brits lobbing the tomahawk. Gaddafi’s whereabouts? Still unknown. There are no reports of injuries or deaths.

UPDATE 6:45 pm CDT: Harris Faulkner on Fox is saying U.S. officials say we DID NOT attack the Gaddafi compound.

UPDATE: 6:35 pm CDT: From Steve Harrigan reporting from Tripoli: One four story building has been destroyed. Two circular holes in a roof-top. Gaddafi has not been see or heard from since. Harrigan says he is on the run or in hiding. The Libyan press took reporters to the scene and characterized the rubble as an attack by the West to assassinate their leader. The official U.S. line is that we will not attempt to target Gaddafi directly.

Harrigan also confirms that the Libyan air force has not been in the air since the air strikes and other shelling started, and Libyan forces have not advance further on rebels – all seen as proof that the No-Fly zone is implemented and working.

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  • anonymous

    The report on fox said that it wasn’t america while they showed a video of a missile fly past an American flag. But nooooo; it couldn’t have been good ol’ America.

  • anonymous, From what I’m hearing, no one knows where the missile came from. They hastily suggested France and then dropped it. There is a great effort to believe what Obama said.

    As usual, Obama and most of America see things differently. We’re at a point where he cannot be allowed to stay in Libya. How do we do that? There are only two ways: capture him (can’t do that without boots on the ground, or kill him.

  • George Vreeland Hill

    I hope Gadhafi gets a missile between his eyes.

    George Vreeland Hill