Gaddafi Son, Kamis Gaddafi, Dead in Libyan Kamikazi Suicide Attack on Gaddafi Compound?

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that one of Muammar Gaddafi’s son has died when “a Libyan air force pilot crashed his jet into the Bab al-Aziziya compound.” That compound is where Muammar Gaddafi lives, and it is the same compound a U.K. missile hit. The Daily Mail reports it and then uses the word “allegedly killed.” If this happened, I take it to mean that a pilot fighting for Muammar Gaddafi, committed suicide by flying into the compound.

Kamis Gaddafi

Strange – but not unreasonable. As we have found in Egypt, the military took off their uniforms and fought for the rebels. What soldier or airman wants to kill his own people?

The Daily Mail:

Colonel Gaddafi suffered a massive personal setback today when one of his sons was allegedly killed in a suicide air mission on his barracks.

Khamis, 27, who runs the feared Khamis Brigade that has been prominent in its role of attacking rebel-held areas, is said to have died on Saturday night.

A Libyan air force pilot crashed his jet into the Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli in a kamikaze attack, Algerian TV reported following an unsubstantiated claim by an anti-Gaddafi media organisation.

Khamis is alleged to have died of burns in hospital. The regime denied the reports.

It was claimed he died in the same compound hit by RAF cruise missiles hit by coalition forces last night.

When Ronald Reagan bombed the Gaddafi compound in 1986 there were reports that one then-small son was injured and a daughter was killed. The report about the daughter is thought to be false, but the injured son report is thought to be true.

I’ll have update when and if available on this story of Kamis Gaddafi.