Found after 9 Days Grandma and GrandSon Alive in Japan: Sumi Abe and Grandson Jin Abe Trapped in Ishinomake:

Eighty-year-old Sumi Abe and her 16-year-old grandson, Jin Abe, were pulled from the rubble of their collapsed home in Ishinomaki, Japan. The two were fortunately trapped in the kitchen where they were able to survive on yougurt, bread, Coke and water. Eventually, Jin was able to wiggle through a small hole in the roof where a policeman happened to be walking by. It took 45 minutes to get the Abes out of the wreckage. The cold temperatures were the biggest threat to the pair. Mrs. Abe was coherent and both were evacuated by a life-flight. See the video below.

Ishinomaki, Japan

The total known dead and missing now stands at 21,381, with 8450 confirmed dead. Another 13,000 are are officially listed as missing, but authorities expect that number to rise above 15,000.

80-year-old Grandmother and 16-year-old Grandson rescued from earthquake rubble (video)