Evening News/Views 3-14-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook: Catching Up After Vacation: Two More Nuclear Reactors Compromised

Woot! Just returned from a beautiful weeklong+ vacation in the Sarasota/Venice/Tampa area. Did a little blogging along the way, but not much really. While our evermore chaotic world seemed to be in meltdown, I was shopping in St. Armands Circle and having dinner at Tommy Bahama’s. It’s odd what you are not aware of on vacation, and while I knew about the massive earth quaking in Japan, I was not at my usual spot in front of the television and computer. Will there ever be a contiguous two weeks without breathtaking, heartbreaking world events breaking? I’m doubtful. And now, this minute, there is breaking news of a third explosion in one of Japan’s nuclear reactors, and now…a fire in a fourth is reported. Excuse my folly as I share a pic of beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

St. Armands Circle - Sarasota, Florida

It was a week of staggering news; sad news that will not end soon, as Japan reels under continuing aftershocks, and thousands are feared buried in rubble or swept out to sea. The media is droning “it can happen here.” Nuclear clouds are sure to drift to our beautiful West Coast, and the millions of dead sardines in the Redondo Beach marina are the surest sign yet of the Last Days.

In the meantime, we have to move forward, while doing whatever might be possible to help our friends in the devastated and earthquake-prone Japan.

Obi’s Sister is celebrating her 5th Bloggiversary today…on Pi Day. The Jedi Princess’ Pi party favor explains “Pi Approximation Day.” You know you want to know more, but if you haven’t clicked the link yet, consider this:

Failure is just success rounded down, my friend.

It takes a great commitment to write often, with passion and clarity, about the things that matter; Obi’s Sister does that.

The Other McCain is despairing that Republicans keep ‘doing it’ to the Grand Old Party. I couldn’t agree more. We need to get a grip, friends, and as Rush Limbaugh said today, “I’d vote for Elmer Fudd” if he’s the Republican nominee (heard that today as we drove back home). George Will is an idiot.

The line of modern conservatism that can be traced back to National Review founder William F. Buckley would be broken by Palin, [George] Will said.

James at Reaganite Republican Resistance says ‘We the People’ are “dishing-out an allowance to over 78% of the nations in existence – and they still hate us. While you are no doubt aware of the billions of dollars we so blithely send across our borders, take a look at this mind-boggling interactive map.

I am really behind on Wisconsin news, but the The Lonely Conservative is ‘on it.’ Apparently the Wisconsin Secretary of State is delaying signing the bill that restricts collective bargaining in the state – until Unions can “wring as much out of the taxpayer as possible.

Still on Wisconsin, about ten days ago, I was outraged that the media was not reporting Republican plans to recall some of the 14 AWOL senate Democrats. A search at that time showed ONE – only ONE Google search result – FOUND ON PAGE FIVE – third from the bottom – one line, and preceded by many reports on Democrat recall efforts. Today Rush was talking about it as well:

Have you heard about this? I’ll bet you haven’t. You might have if you live in Wisconsin. We’re hearing about this recall, Governor Walker. Recall Republican senators. Gonna recall these guys. Do you know what’s really going on? There’s a very muted, not getting any coverage, happening below the radar, drive-in gas stations, out of work, closed-up places. There are recall efforts underway of these 14 Democrats. Tea Partiers and Republicans in Wisconsin working under the radar to have recall elections on the cowardly 14 who fled the scene in Wisconsin.

Larry at Political Realities quotes Congressman Allen West (R-FL) saying he WILL NOT  vote for another short term Continuing Resolution – and “there is a confrontation coming on this budget and the sooner we get to it the better.” You probably know that I love Allen West. There are more quotes echoing the same sentiment. Our Freshmen congressman were sent to Washington, D.C. to do a job and they are ready, willing and able to do it. I’m ready for a government shut down, if that’s what it takes. How about you? From Larry:

I can’t pretend to know how this is going to turn out, but I will say this. Even though these freshmen may not have the votes to foster a successful rebellion against the Congressional leaders who seem to be willing to pass a never-ending series of temporary spending bills. It is totally ridiculous for these leaders to continue doing this and in my opinion, shows their utter disregard for the will of the American people. At what point should they start paying attention to the mandate they were given in November? I believe that time has already come and gone.

Another of my posts this week you may have missed, and that I think is most important to know about, Girl Scouts Happy, Healthy and Hot? Please read it and tell your friends, mothers and fathers.

More about your tax dollars. This gets so depressing. SHAWSBLOG has a video on the U.S.’ $770 million program to rebuild Cairo, Egypt’s mosques…buy them computers. It’s an ‘outreach.’ You know the drill. Please pass this one around as well.

Monkey in the Middle has the story of the Fogel family…babies murdered in their sleep, “simply because they are Jewish.”

Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe, Sarasota

We were in Venice, Florida on Friday. The wind was probably 30 miles an hour, and the waves were rough and rolling in fast. We were told that some of Florida’s Gulf Coast waters were affected by the tsunami conditions. Prayers for all those suffering in Japan.

After two-days on the road, I’m saying goodnight. Missed y’all while I was gone. Hope you missed me.

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