Donald Trump The View: Obama Show Your Birth Certificate Video: Barbara Walters on Bush Deficit

The dim bulbs at The View ask why Barack Obama SHOULD show his birth certificate. The answer to that:  if there had been doubt, or a lack of history and documentation, any president should have been asked to do so, and I’ll jump out and say there is no past

Donald Trump

president who would have refused to show his natural-born status. As hubby says, this conversation is all about the ladies of The View understanding there is doubt, and if these demands continue, their boy is in trouble. Barbara Walters takes the opportunity to mention the deficit G.W. Bush left for Barack Obama.

LISTEN TO THE APPLAUSE when Donald Trump says “I want him to show his birth certificate. I want him to show his birth certificate.” Whoopie thinks it’s racial. Trump says there is something on the birth certificate Obama does not want us to see. The ladies are apoplectic.  You can hear nothing conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to say. She is drowned out sufficiently to make her the intended tool.

Note to Barbara: Obama’s three year spending binge is 37% higher than G.W.’s entire 8-year presidency. Obama’s last three budgets called for over $1 trillion in spending – each. No other president has ever asked for half that.

Jeffrey Anderson, A Historic Flood of Red Ink, Obama’s mind-boggling budget:

“In a fair accounting, President Obama is responsible (along with the then-Democratic Congress) for the $1.3 trillion in deficit spending in 2010 and the estimated $1.6 trillion in deficit spending in 2011. He is responsible for the projected $1.1 trillion in deficit spending in his recent budget proposal. He is also responsible for the approximately $200 billion that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that his economic “stimulus” added to the deficit in 2009.

He [Obama] should not get credit, moreover, for the $149 billion in TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) repayments made in 2010 and 2011 to cover most of the $154 billion in bank loans that remained unpaid at the end of the 2009 fiscal year—loans that count against President Bush’s 2009 deficit tally. The Treasury Department says that all but $5 billion of the TARP bank loans has now been repaid. The portion of repayments that was for loans issued in 2009 should be deducted from Bush’s deficit tally, not credited to Obama as deficit savings.”

So “that” about the Bush deficit. About Donald Trump, this is his second time he has asked Obama to show his real birth certificate.

Note to Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Please school your screeching lady banshees on that egregious, flamboyant and irrelevant panel you endure. By the way, we are worried about you. You are disappearing right before our eyes.

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Donald Trump on The View: Obama’s Birth Certificate (video)

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  • Judy

    I wish just once that Trump or whoever would say, “Hey Whoopie did your mommy show your birth certificate when you started school? Did you, Whoopie, show your birth certificate when you got your drivers license. Case closed. Obama, show your birth certificate. The end.”

    • Sue Poling

      Did President Obama show his birth certificate when he entered school and got his drivers liscense?? It seems that there is a giant conspiracy of people covering up for Obama. Does anyone really think that the Democrats and Hilliary Clinton in particular did not vet this issue so that she could use it to take the election from him?? How crazy are you birthers?? In addition his mother was clearly an American citizen and as such he is legally able to run for president even if he were not born on US soil.

      • Plabeck

        Thank you for a cooler, more logical head. Thank, you , thank you, thank you. Birthers – grow up, put your big person undies on & accept the fact that we have a legally elected U.S. citizen who happens to be black as our president.

        • steve

          I guess all the political screeching when Bush was pres. about its American to ask questions is over. There was more research into his National Guard service than o’s bc. Maybe CBS can come up with a 1960’s crayon written copy of a fax that Dan Rather can present.

      • Ksanc09

        Lmao, Sue – You must be kidding right???? Have you even taken 2 seconds to read that part of the Constitution? It doesn’t say if you’re mother is a citizen you can be President, retardo. You must be a natural born citizen yourself. Get educated before you start calling other people crazy.

        • Since Obama’s mother was a USA citizen, he would be a natural born citizen
          even if he was born in tim-buck-two! Now THAT is constitutional! 😉

    • Sharon Rafferty

      ive never heard of ANYONE asking any other president for their birth cert You really have 2 much time on your hands u need a hobby

      • Well Sharon, it’s a little late, isn’t it, when you ask after they are already President. John McCain has to prove his natural-born status.

        • I didn’t see John McCain’s birth certificate, did you?
          Actually, I have NEVER seen another president’s birth certificate, have you?

          • Hillary and Barack did, and they publicly vouched for it.

          • No, if his mother had him out of country, she had to register him. Did she do so?

          • Liberty Bell your right. Actually no President has been asked where he’d been born. Probably because their records were open and there wasn’t an attempt to cover up everything in their past right up to when they became a Neighborhood Organizer, and even then He’s lied about what he’s heard in his own church of 20 years.. Kinda makes one not believe anything this current President says about anything. Why is that? To what purpose? Who’s been grooming him? All questions the main stream press ain’t looking into.. so yeah.. there is doubt. Doubt that Obama could clear up in a moment.. but refuses to… Why is that?
            As far as John McCain… his honor isn’t in question. Anymore questions?

  • Sue and Plabeck: No school will keep you out of classrooms for not showing a birth cert, but I don’t doubt he did so. If his name was different, or his birth place was different, those agencies would not care, but he would have to validate who he is, not that he is natural-born.

    He would be a citizen by virtue of his mother’s birth, but if he was born in Kenya, she would have to register him.

    How ridiculous are you both not to care. How ridiculous are you both not care what the Constitution says. John McCain, born to two American parents, with the father stationed with the Navy in the Philippines was asked to prove his natural-born status and did so.

    It’s a very small thing. Tell me how it is acceptable for this president to foist a type-written birth certificate on us, with no doctor’s signature, and no hospital – AND no hospital will say he was born there (I believe there were only two hospitals at the time).

    Sue, the Democrats DID NOT VET him, and they say they didn’t have to. You have no idea how many congressional offices I spoke with before the 2008 election. They thought Hillary would be the nominee. When she was not, they had Obama and they were desperate to put him in office.

    No one is saying he was not born here, but we are saying he must show his birth certificate and prove that he is natural-born and is Barack Obama.

    I believe he got grants for college under another name, using a foreign passport, and he doesn’t want America to know.

    • Amen to your reply Maggie

    • Nona

      Maggie: John McCain’s father was not stationed in the Philippines when he was born. He was stationed in Panama. The least you can do is to get your facts straight. I know the 2 countries are spelled with a P but dang…they’re no where near each other. Can you show us your High School diploma

      • Nona, I did know that. I’ve written about it many times. Don’t know why I said the Philippines, but the fact is, he had to prove his citizenship and that is what this is all about.

        The fact is, you can do what you can do about it, and I can do the same. You will change the minds of no one here.

  • Trump was spot on! There were some who questioned about whether Obama was a citizen before the campaign but not even one election certification board in any of the States required evidence of Obama’s birth certificate. Obama needs to show it and put this issue to rest.

  • Hey, good for him

    My stance is that it’s simply not to much to ask, to see if Obama was ever qualified to run in the first place…. IS IT?

    Seems this should have been demanded quite some time back, and since it’s all so silly of course it can be quickly settled… and while you’re at it Barry, why not cough up some college and pass port records, eh?

  • BobF

    “ive never heard of ANYONE asking any other president for their birth cert You really have 2 much time on your hands u need a hobby”

    You’re right. We’ve never had anyone ask a previous president for their birth certificate. But then, we’ve never had a president before whose grandmother swears she witnessed his birth in Kenya. We’ve never had a president before were an ambassador of a foreign nation said they were going to erect a monument at the place of his birth in that foreign nation.

    Have wondered you why his mothers family here in the US have never claimed he was born in Hawaii? Surely an aunt or uncle saying they know for sure he was born in Hawaii would quell a lot of arguments. But instead, there’s silence from his mothers family while his fathers family says he was born in Kenya.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to show my birth certificate. I think Obama is using this contriversy to make those who ask about it look like fools. The press is on his side and he knows it. If the Governor of Hawaii can’t even find it.. Well…. :0

  • I’ll jump out and say there is no past
    president who would have refused to show his natural-born this is great! long time no see girl..hope alls well~!

  • bob

    I enjoyed this clip, but would have liked it more if they would SHut Up and let the man speak. Whoopiie comes off as such a racist it is sickening.

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  • The View……..Hosted by Moron’s…..

  • Time to stop the racist nonsense. No one has ever asked for a copy of a previous presidents birth certificate because there never was a question as to where they were born. They all had a lilly white background in a lilly white family (i.e. Bushes). Let’s ask Obama to show the white half of his birth certificate then! Then Whoopie can sit there, shut her mouth and spritz all over herself! Truth be told he has something to hide, or he would have shown it by now.

  • Nona

    I can’t stop laughing at all of you who are up in arms about Obama! He’s the President already and there is NOTHING you can do about it. It’s so funny to see all of you so upset about it. Since it’s such a big deal to you, why don’t you go to Kenya and see if you can find one there. Ohhh, you might be scared of all the Black people there.

    • Nona, you’re quite a joke yourself.

    • Shortmean1

      LMAO,Finally someone i can agree with.This is so Stupid it Not Funny how Ppl Cut-up over stupid crap.why are they trying to turn it about race,hell flip a coins and go with the white side then there wouldn’t be a issue. I sure when they found it was a blk man run or mixed,they flipped his life upside down looking for something to get him out the election.with all the other stuff we have to worry about this is not one.get a grip ppl.with all the money Trump got I know he can get a better wig piece,that what he should worry about

  • Your so right Maggie. I could care less right now.. my goal is his walking papers in 2012.. lol

    • David, we must change the system and make certain the certification for natural-born status is always made. It appears Pelosi falsely certified his papers in Hawaii. If that’s true, it must never happen again.

      • If Pelosi did that, put her in jail. I personaly think we should make it the law.. You want to run for President, put your birth certificate on file, and make it public. We have to have our birth certificates for a drivers licence. Before we put someone in the countries drivers seat, we should demand the same. Snowing here today Maggie.. argh…

      • Shortmean1

        LMFAO,come on yr ago his parents said Hmm Our lil mix baby is going be Pres. one they set all this in motion.I assumed that my country had the smartest ppl but I stand corrected.because this is so dee dillie dump shit.I guess they forsaw that he would do what Bush could not And make History again by killing Osama Bin Laden,and that he would do it at a time when the crazy ppl of this country would be worring about where he was Born,SMH I bet half of you are saying” now Damn I Sound Stupid”because you do.

  • Choqlate

    You do know the birth certificate issue has been settled for 2 years now, right?

    Here’s the proof of Obama’s US birth:

    And maybe you don’t trust fact check, but surely you believe Bill O’Reilly, no?

    Let’s say there was a grand conspiracy orchestrated by a multitude of federal employees and Hawaii state officials to claim Obama as a natural-born US citizen…then what? Do you really think he suddenly won’t be the President anymore?

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