Dennis Kucinich Quotes Obama on Going to War: Kucinich – Libya a “Nightmare”

Congressman Dennis Kucinich quotes Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which says Congress must approve war against another country unless there is “an actual or imminent threat to the U.S.,” saying (paraphrased), “He should have come to Congress. Congress was still in session…this is about the Constitution. If we don’t abide by the Constitution, everything falls apart.” See the video below.

Dennis Kucinich

Well, Amen to that.

Kucinich read the following 2007 direct quote from Barack Obama:

The president does not have power under the constitution to unitarily authorize a military attack in a situation that doesn ot involve stopping an actual or imminent attack on the nation. Dec. 20, 2007

That’s well and good. The truth is, if the U.S. was a true and strong leader, these Muslim dictators would not want to mess with the Free World. Democrats saw to it that that their approval of Iraq died at the first opportunity of finding no WMD. Had we been able to go in and fight a war and win it, we would have saved thousands of American lives, and more thousands of our American Treasure would not be living with severe wounds today. The point is: if we go to war, we must kill the enemy, and we do it swiftly.

Gaddafi felt the wrath of American power in 1986. The great fear around the world should be:

…commit genocide or refuse to let your people live in freedom, keep them living in squalor, rape the women, girls and young boys routinely, commit heinous crimes against humanity, steal humanitarian aid – even as a part of your so-called law, we and our Free World allies will obliterate your dictatorship – no matter the cost, or the collateral damage – because without such action, no one will ever live in peace.

An American attitude of:

…let your people live humanely or we will find you and kill you, and we will do it aggressively and swiftly, would be a blessing to the world, and after the first dictatorship is obliterated under such a policy, we would have a far more peaceful global community (not to be confused with a OneWorld community).

But we don’t have the courage to do the bravest thing. Our military does, but our leadership does not. It’s beyond sad.

Back to Kucinich and the Constitution: I’m all for following the U.S. Constitution, but Kucinich is selective about how he reads or interprets the document. For example, a February 2011 press release from the Congressman says if ObamaCare is struck down:

Congress must step up to ensure universal access to affordable, high-quality health care.“Expanding Medicare to everyone in the U.S. is not only constitutional, but would cover everyone for medically necessary services with no copayments, deductibles or premiums. It would increase the quality of care, and would cost less than we currently pay for health care. It would get the for-profit insurance companies, who make money by not providing health care, out of the equation.

He is talking about a type of single-payer, that would be government healthcare – or as he says “Medicare for All.” The claim is that “Medicare for All” would save the nation and states big bucks. There can be only one way to do that, and that is simply not to provide the care we now have a choice to seek out. He says such care would cover everyone for “medically necessary services,” and just as now with ObamaCare, we ask who is the decider about necessity? And what rights do we have to find the best physician and hospital possible? We would not have that right.

A Progressive’s version of the Constitution is NEVER the same as a Conservative’s version. So many things to say about Dennis Kucinich, the Constitution and Libya that must wait for another time.

Dennis Kucinich on the Constitution and Libya (video)

  • BobF

    Kucinich is just upset because he wasn’t consulted firsthand. This first strike had to be done in secrecy. Before any no-fly zone can be set up, their offensive and defensive capabilities had to be taken out. The lives of our pilots and our allies depend upon this. I’m not sure if Obama briefed congressional leaders about the strike but I know if he had consulted congress first, it would have been leaked to the media. There are those in congress who just can’t keep their mouths shut and they don’t care how many of our troops die, as long as they can be the first to tell all they know. If this was done to maintain secrecy, then as far as I’m concerned, he did the right thing.

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