Connecticut State Labor Relations Orders Town to Pay for Union Workers Coffee and Milk

I found this at The Lonely Conservative who is thinking of joining the Blogger’s Union Guild. The State Board of Labor Relations has ORDERED the town of Orange, Connecticut to provide their union workers with free coffee and milk and…”Dress Down Fridays.”

From Fox News:

The board determined the town retaliated against the union members for comments they made at a finance meeting in 2009.

The day after that meeting, First Selectman James Zeloi eliminated the free coffee and milk and the following day ended “Dress Down Friday.” Zeoli told The New Haven Register that he pulled the plug on the coffee to save money and stopped casual Fridays because some employees were abusing the privilege.

“It shows you how crazy state government has become,” Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy told Fox News Radio. “You’d almost laugh at it, if it wasn’t so serious in tone.

This is just another black eye on state government.”

Healy said he was especially troubled that not only will taxpayers be forced to purchase coffee and milk for the union workers, but they will also be required to pay $10,000 in legal bills.

“It says the state labor relations board is in the pocket of labor,” Healy said.

Memorandum has more, but isn’t buying the coffee.


  • Can Lattes and Cinn-A-Bon’s be next?

  • Do they also get tucked in at night? When will the voters rebel?

  • Charles

    i am not susprised that they continue to see how far they can push has been going on so long it is a normal part of what they do. considering that the chinese are boggled that we let them do so much harm to our nation and it is the liberals that have supported this damage to us. i am starting to believe that the liberal news media needs removed. they are clearly as much a enemy as any we have ever faced. propaganda is a powerful weapon..they have no intension of reporting truth.they are using there power to undermine our freedoms. they are as much a part of this “change” process as any elected offical.

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  • It’s getting to the point where nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Dave near Ground Zero, WI

    I would go around to all the local restaurants and grab up their day old coffee and three day old milk and feed that to the union.

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  • “The state labor relations board is in the pocket of labor”? Hard to imagine!!
    The amalgamation of the hard left and union power increases the levels of corruption similar to pre-Thatcher socialist England – not to mention the destruction of the economy; as we pointed out at “Robbing America”.