Casey Heynes Ritchard Gale: Casey Heynes BodySlams Bully Richard Gale – Little Runt? Video

Casey Heynes, a young Australian school student, is bullied in this video, and is hit in the face. Allegedly, the bully is Little Runt Richard Gale, or Ritchard Gale. Casey is not a small child. The bully is. Casey finally grabs the nasty little kid and bodyslams him to the concrete. I’m on Casey’s side. According to this video, Casey is being punished, was suspended from school, and may have criminal charges coming. There are some unconfirmed reports that the Little Runt has a fractured leg. YouTube continually takes the video down because it’s too violent (LOL). God bless Casey Heynes and please teach the Little Runt some manners while his well-deserved leg injury heals. YouTube – shame on you!

Casey Heynes and Little Runt (Ritchard Gale?)

This report says Casey has been suspended from Chifley College, Dunheved Camps in St. Mary’s North, NSW.

From Casey Heynes’ father:

“This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life – and today he snapped! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of this “TUFF buddies!!”




Original Video – More videos at TinyPic
Casey Heynes BodySlams Bully (video)

  • BobF

    I watched the whole video. The big kid does nothing wrong while the little punk punches him in the face and continually hits him. Finally the big kid has had enough and defends himself, picking the punk up and slamming him down like the sack of trash he is. It’s a shame that the kid who’s defending himself is being punished and possibly criminally charged. Can’t those people over there see the video and realize he’s only defending himself?

    • tinatheslut

      Ok this is a typical retarted family with their retarted offspring…casey did the right thing

      • uwontkno

        Casey did the rite thing yes. But I just hv to say Tina you are a …. douche why do u need to add in retarted there is no need for people like you in the world

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      • uwontkno

        Ur a typical sluty whore

    • Peter Cohen

      Punishing the victim is typical. The only way to not be punished is to not fight back, in other words, to let the bullying continue. If you tell an adult about the bullying, usually the adult does nothing other that give a ‘stern talking to’ to the bully, which then leads to even worse reprisal abuse from that and other bullies, as they now know you ‘tattled’, which in kid society is as bad as it is in prison society.

      People who are bullied are damned either way. If they do the politically correct thing, they grow up emotionally damaged, stunted people having been good victims all their lives. If they do the right thing IMO, they themselves will be the one punished for defending themselves. Lord knows society wants children to grow up into obedient victims who will always do as their overlords demand.

      I was once surrounded by a wolf pack of a dozen slightly smaller kids, being attacked by whomever my rear was facing. Somehow I fend this off for several minutes until an adult showed up, the school principal in fact. What did he do? He hauled ‘me’ off for punishment. Obviously I had somehow chosen to instigate a fight with a dozen kids. Clearly that is typical bully behavior.

  • I spent the first 13 years of my life been a punch bag, mainly by my father and of course the local Islamic community. Problem for them was I was taken into care and placed in a children’s home where I found myself a target for the lads. I never said a word until the day I was assaulted by a policeman in the front garden. It appears that those who are bullied have their own special body language which shouts out ‘Hit me’. My Guardians decided there and then that I should learn to look after myself. And so I took up Atemi-Ju-jitsu. That was 36 years ago and the confidence that I gained from learning to defend myself has resulted in walking with confidence. It also resulted in me giving up 30 years of my life defending the United Kingdom as a member of the Armed forces.
    I tip my hat to the young lad above who taught a lesson of do not mess to his detractors.

  • Joe

    You know you’re right when even the bully’s mom says her son got what he deserved.

  • Jodie

    But now the bully’s mother has retaliated against her son’s victim and the video footage of the fight which has gone viral. The emotional mother of Ritchard Gale, Tina, told the Seven Network last night that she and her family have been victimised by the footage, which has spread worldwide. She also demanded an apology from the victim. “We don’t need this posted everywhere,” she said. “I would like him to apologise.” She said she was “shocked” at her son’s behaviour, but did not think he deserved to be bodyslammed by Year 10 student Casey Heynes at Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus, St Marys.

  • Jodie

    This woman makes me wanna puke!

  • Mark Peters

    This so-called mother should be ashamed of her fine son and herself. Casey was obviously not willing to use violence, this little dwarf knew that is why he was playing the hero (really horrifying behaviour) o yeah and his back was covered by his gang of brave boys. But then Casey was pushed too far and did something he did not want to do. I am so sure that if he could turn back time he would have done differently, cause he is not a bad person. I wonder if that little Gale hero would do the same, probably not. I would like to see the government putting this boy into a sort of program for the next 5 year until we know for sure he does not end as a rapist, child molestor or serial killer (you know those persons who need to degrade / hurt or kill others in order to feel good). The fact that mummy is even considering pressing charges and demanding for some kind of apologies is just a proof of bad genes, lack of education and social skills. Casey I am on your side and i hope this is spread allover the world just to teach mum a lesson – if you get kids you need to educate them!

  • Jodie

    That is the standard in schools in Australia unfortunately. The victim is always punished by the school unless they do NOTHING in return. Even then they are expected to engage the bully in dialogue, ask how they feel? Ask what’s troubling them? Ask if you can help them? As they beat you around until your brain falls out. Victims have to sign truces with bullies when they have done nothing wromg. Bullies are given responsibility such as sports Captain, Class Captain and so on to give them HOPE and to make them GOOD citizens. Meanwhile the victim becomes more withdrawn knowing that to do something wrong is rewarded. Parents are NOT ALLOWED to approach bullies, to know where they live or to approach their parents. To do so means expulsion of YOUR victimised kid. The system here is fucked. really fucked. It’s controlled by left wing greeny teachers and prncipals who seem to have a totally different viewpoint to every normal thinking person who goes about their daily lives in a proper job.

    • kciRsnurB

      Jodie, SO sorry to see that the Liberal/Progressive Left has also invaded ‘The Land Down Under.’ Scratch that one off my list of ‘ideal’ places to live! 🙁

    • Anna

      gfy this is not the standard of australia but the standard of this school! if this school was more productive and assuring with their no-bullying policies then this would not have happened.

      • Fez

        @Jodie Where tf do you live?? That’s not the standard of our schools, our schools are actually good. This is one time some shit happens to make it on YouTube, what about America? Kids don’t get body slammed to the ground there do they?! No! They get shot by victims. How about instead of picking out one time that something like this happens at one school and judging all of Australia’s school system like that, you actually do some research and think before you write.

      • Kevin

        No, Jodie is right it is the standard in most Australian schools. I’ve seen things happen like this all the time where the victim gets a worser punishment then the actual bully.

        • rick jenkins

          It is most certainly the norm in Australia.I put six children through school in Australia Nsw. The Principal and the teachers have a lot to answer for.I beleive the minister for education has a lot to answer for also.

    • Aphfid

      Jodie, I’m a greenie left wing and I don’t agree that left wing greenies are the cause of this. I think mum should be desexed and all her children assessed to see whether she has other demented sicko children in need of a decent clip around the ear. Maybe all the kids should be taken out of the family home given the mother thinks an apology is in order from Casey. She is upset about the video being posted all over the net but it was her brat son who orchestrated it being made. This woman should never have been allowed to breed and her ovaries should be ripped out as a matter of urgency!!!!
      I believe in doing what works. What would work in this situation is to give Casey a medal and to repeatedly play the video everywhere possible, in classrooms, on the internet, on TV, with the absolute intent to humiliate and degrade the little brat – with the final message reading loud and clear that bullies are trash and we have no place for them in a civilised society and no compassion for the consequences of this behaviour. They do it because they can. They need to be taught they cant.
      Most people are repulsed and revolted by the little brat. I don’t think there is any segment of our society that supports these kind of brats except for politicians who implement the measures to protect them.

      • Anne

        Aphfid, I completely agree with you and applaud your words. I’m trying to have kids and it makes me sad sometimes that there are women out there like Ritchard’s mom who are blessed to have kids but cannot raise them to be descent human beings. When I’m finally given the chance to have a child, they will know how to respect others and they will know that if they ever act out like this bully, they better accept having their butt’s handed to them. Although, I would probably beat them first before they ever hit somebody else! 😉

      • rick jenkins

        Total bull shit, We send our children to school. They should be looked after. After all there is a thing called Duty of care.Duty of care works both ways. Richard Cranium has a right to be protected even if it is from himself. A bully by any other name is still a bully.Where was the teacher that was on play ground duty? why wasn’t this issue of bullying resolved years ago when kids started picking on Casey.The minister for education , the Principal and the teachers involved should all be held accountable. You mark my words that this will all boil over. Then a kid will bring a fire arm or some other deadly weapon to school. We will all sit back then and say Gee what have we done wrong. Speak up now and demand action befor its to late.

        • b

          Playground duty?

  • Suki

    Enough is enough = the only way to teach these bullies that you will no longer be a victim is by giving them a taste of their own medicine!!! As for the mother (term used loosely) demanding an apology – how about you apologise for failing as a mother – oh you have been victimised because the whole world has soon what a violent little oxygen theif you have bred – clearly it looks like your inbred son set up for this to be filmed he just didnt expect to get what he was given. You need to to be body slammed Tina!!!! Stupid white trash breeding endless cycles of white trash.

    • fred feelgood

      Hey old mate go easy on that white trash.I am trash and come from a long line of trash but i take exception to being called white.

  • June

    The little runt got what he deserved. Casey was pushed and provoked and behind the runt was more losers like him, ready to see a fight. Runt’s mother is scum for wanting to charge a person who defended himself. Maybe runt is traumatised by having to explain why his mother can’t spell a simple name. Casey, you did nothing wrong, mate.

  • Aphfid

    K. I just found the video of the mum. She is no leftie greenie! I stand by my earlier statement. She should not have been allowed to breed.

  • Anne

    I commend Casey for standing up for himself. Kids have been bullied all over the world and some are driven sadly to suicide. As for Ritchard’s (the bully) mom, does she see how many times her son punched Casey before Casey finally decided to defend himself??? For you to say your son didn’t deserve that and that you taught your 3 kids to walk away from fights?? Did you skip teaching your kids how to “not start fights”??? I’m sorry that your son got hurt but, you really need to be grateful that he didnt get hurt worse than he could have. Your son barked up the wrong tree. You may be “victimized” by the video being posted but have you thought about how many times Casey was bullied or how many times YOUR son bullied a child and it wasn’t caught on video?? Shame on you for considering pressing charges. If you do, I hope Casey’s parents counter-file charges against your bully son for starting ‘that’ fight and throwing that first punch to Casey’s face! Your son got more insanely confident after that first punch because Casey still didn’t fight back. I watch the video over and over again and I wish Casey would have body slammed him for every punch he received from that boy! Rather than using the energy you are spending on demanding apologies and considering lawsuits, why don’t you spend it on disciplining your son. Better yet, make sure your other kids don’t follow in Ritchard’s footsteps! I hope it doesn’t take a child your kid has bullied committing suicide for you to realize that your son was absolutely wrong!

  • PB

    “runt” is nearly the right word. I’d just change the first letter.

    I saw that the mother of the bully (Richard Gale) wants Casey to apologise. She must be joking. If she’s serious she’s a bigger pile of shit than her child.

    Incidentally, what’s all this rubbish about Casey being bullied being the fault of greenie-left-wingers? If you think this is something that you can turn into a left/right issue, you are wrong. You’ve been reading too much Andrew Bolt. Not everything is about the wickedness of the Left.

    I sometimes find myself sympathetic with the greenie viewpoint and I felt nothing but elation when I saw Casey pick up the little fucker and throw him on the ground. I suppose it could have been nasty for Casey if Gale’s neck had been broken, but jeez, you wouldn’t get a jury in Australia to convict him. Richard Gale got what was coming to him. And did you listen to the audio? Gale did it purely so it could be filmed and put on youtube. Nasty little piece of work.

  • Jodie

    Fez March 17, 2011 at 2:55 am, having had repeated bullying episodes I actually moved my boy to another school. That’s how I know. Idiot. And the school is in Sydney so don’t act so righteous. If you had kids at secondary school (obviously you don’t) you would already know how stupid your comment was.

  • Esteban

    he’s only defending himself, he´s innocent

  • factsneeded

    It is more than upsetting that it sounds like Casey, who should never be suspended for sticking up for himself, could face criminal charges. I think the the little runt is the one that should face charges. I do, however, blame the parents, as much or more than the little runt. The fact that she feels victimized and wants an apology screams volumes about the kind of upbringing this child is receiving. I do think that Gale got what was coming and is lucky that Casey did not keep going and really do some damage, which I feel he had every right to do. But he simply got the kid out of his face and walked away. If I was him I don’t think I would have stopped when and where he did. I give him a lot of credit for doing so.

  • God

    Little **** got what was coming.

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  • fred feelgood

    There would not be a court in the land or a magistrate that would be legally able to find Casey guilty of any thing. Oh except littering . Its illegal in Australia to through shit around a school ground. He could be facing a $100 fine. But if that happens i will pay it for him.

  • Dean

    They have both been suspended from school. The school in question is Chifley College in Mt Druitt, Australia. They have had a policy for the last 25 years which punishes all parties involved in any altercations.

    It’s a shame that Casey was suspended along with that little punk bitch. He turned his cheek more than once. My question is, how much are you suposed to take before defending yourself?

    Schools need to look at policies that relate to altercations because current methods of stopping bullies is failing miserably.

    As far as I am concerned, Casey should be commended on his actions and self restraint. That little bitch that got owned won’t be picking on him any more.

    I’m not sure where people are getting their information from, but Casey is not facing any criminal charges. In fact, the police have not been involved in this incident.

    • factsneeded

      From Casey Heynes’ father:

      “This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life – and today he snapped! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of this “TUFF buddies!!”

      I’m not in Australia, but saw this supposed quote. Glad to hear that the police have not actually been involved. And I agree that schools should look at policy as a guideline, but not as the “law”. Casey did not do anything for several punches and as I said, got the punk out of his face and walked away. I think he should be commended for his restrain and the school looks really bad in the eyes of the world for punishing Casey.

  • lauren

    The bully should have been….

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  • JOE

    it just sux that ritchard gale aka rit didnt ….

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  • Me

    The entire schooling system is absolutely screwed. If the education ministers took the time out of their “busy” schedule(watching porn, doing drugs and letting the salary money roll in)and watched how kids behave in the playground and classroom the system would be a lot different.

    If Tina Gale got an education unlike her son she should know better than to ask Casey for an apology when all he did was defend himself and neutralized the threat. She needs to take a long look at the video and see the demon she has raised has done wrong.

    If I was the minister for education there would be a lot of changes. Casey did NOT do the wrong thing, it is Tina’s fault for giving birth to that cocky little runt. She should be shot or at least seriously injured in my opinion.

    Casey, your a good kid and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Joe

    CHEERS TO CASEY!!! Im glad he made that little loser of an @sshole eat dirt!



  • Richard Gale is but one case out of millions for terrorists in training. We have our own schools for the creation and nurturing of individuals who take pleasure in the delivery of pain, fear and misery to other human beings. From the street gangs of L.A. to the EPA and IRS, bullying is alive, well and sanctioned by the highest offices of the United States Government and its courts. See:

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