Boxer Barrasso Inhofe: Obama Science Czar Holden Predicted Doomsday Global Cooling, Today Predicts Global Warming

Senators John Barrosso (R-WY) and Jim Inhofe (R-OK) address EPA Director Lisa Jackson in a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee meeting. The Senators point out that the same scientists predicting the end of the world due to global cooling in the 1970’s are now predicting the end of the world due to global warming. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is chairing the meeting, and is likely having a stroke off-camera. Finally, Democrat Senator Tom Udall (NM) rides to her rescue with an article debunking scientific consensus is a myth. Boxer quickly asks him to “put it in the record,” as if he wouldn’t have. See the video below.

Senator Inhofe quoted Obama’s Science czar John Holdren in 1971 saying this:

“The effects of a new ice age on agriculture and the supportability of large human populations scarcely need elaboration here.” Holdren went on to write that the effects could “generate a tidal wave of proportions unprecedented in recorded history.”

In general you can substitute global cooling or global warming for each other, and in the mind of Progressive Science, either works. I heard no response from Jackson in the video. Barrasso also made the point, had we put the funds into global cooling, now being called for, for global warming, we would be far less prosperous than we are today. We are not very prosperous today, however, much of that due to job-killing, USD-sucking government regulations.

Babs couldn’t wait to sweep the mess under the table, and quickly said let’s let people read the report themselves and make up their own mind. I can’t wait for Jim Inhofe to set in the Chairman’s seat on this important committee.


Barrasso, Inhofe and Boxer on 1970’s Scientists Calling for Doomsday End Due to Global Cooling (video)


  • In the 70’s the “snake oil” was coal ashe or coal dust to stop the freezing and create melting and thus warming. Uh, reckon they forgot about the flooding of the entire east coast , hahahha. What fools! Well there was little market for coal dust or ashe or what ever the cure was then so they soon dropped the “ice age ” deal and went looking for a new cause to insure their paycheck would keep rolling in. Then Global Warming came along. Soon Al Gore picked up on Sir Nicholos Stern’s idea of “carbon credits”. Of course Stern is not a scientist either but rather a banker/economist. (Not the up date language E (for cyber) con, (well a con is a con) o (in our ) mist (sp but meaning is there),
    Next how to insure that the scam would continue, AH HA get the UN involved they are the biggest con artist in the world and of course Gore jumped on the band wagon and is getting richer by the day. Barrasso is drawing his big fat check courtesy of the taxpayer, Gore is richer by the day, and the suckers continue to be born or is is born again into the “religion of GW”. In other words we gone from freezing andbeing covered in coal dust in the 70’s to being “Sternly Gored” and melting in this century.

  • Capt Wayne

    There was very little in the way of consensus in the 70s for global cooling. A literature search revealed it was just a way to sell news papers and magazine. Yes, a few scientist spoke their views on the possibility of an ice age, but others met and were more worried about CO2. A formal scientific committee meeting was held in England with the result that the effects of CO2 toward global warming needed further investigation-not global cooling. So here we are 40 years later. CO2 is not a bugaboo earth warmer. Planet Earth in the past has been a violent and dangerous place to live. Mass extinctions have occurred frequently. If an ice age were to appear
    suddenly, the human race and the world, as we know it, would change for the worse for thousands of years into the future.