Bill Maher Calls Palin “C-word”: New Photo of Maher: Note to GOP: Stay Away From Maher’s Show! Take a Stand for Decency

WARNING: if you click the link below, be sure you read my caution first. Bill Maher appeared at the Winspear Opera House and said Sarah Palin was a “c**n” and  “there’s just no other word for her.” A week or so ago he called her a “dumb twat.” This latest report comes from The Dallas Voice, which the Daily Caller says describes itself as the “premier media source for Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender (LGBT) in Texas. You’ll note I am not using a pic of Maher here, but I have one for you, if you are not easily offended, meaning don’t go here unless you are sufficiently p’oed, needing a proper mind image putting Bill Maher in clear focus and perspective. Remember, I warned you. GOP, listen up: Ditch Bill Maher from your campaign appearances.

I will not vote for any Republican making the rounds on Maher’s show, unless I have no other choice. To be a guest Maher, you have to be vulgar yourself. GOP, stay away from Bill Maher. Boycott him. No one watching his show will vote for you anyway. Take a stand for decency.   Thanks to Andrea Shea King at The Radio Patriot who finds the most incredible “stuff.”

  • Robert Miller

    I read elsewhere that some lefty blog called him the most dangerous comic there was cause he doesn’t fear anything. I say he is a cowardly dog as there is noone on the left that would call him out and the voices on the right are simply ignored. I thought violent thoughts for a while after reading of his latest “courageous” act, but decided that I would just get my hands dirty and it would be hard to wash off. What a vile excuse for a human being he is.


  • Bill Maher is just like the stuff I scrape off my shoe when I walk through a cattle barn. No, the stuff on my shoe is good for fertilizer … Bill Maher … well, I wonder if he will be a smart mouth when he stands before God?

  • Maher fits the profile: a supercilious, name-calling vulgarian whose entrenched & perverted world-view cannot be impeached by undeniable fact–a liberal. I’d rather watch re-runs of My Mother The Car.

  • m.b. koepnick

    I thought Howard Stern was bad,but he was not political