Arif Uta or Arid Uka Jihadist: Muslim Kills Two American Solidiers Yelling Allahu Akbar

A Kosovar Muslim, Arif Uta or Arid Uka or Arif Uka, wielding a handgun and a knife, yelled the all-too-familiar deadly jihadi prayer, “Allahu Akbar,” and shot one U.S. Airman as he smoked a cigarette outside of a bus marked U.S. Air Force. Another Airman was gunned down as he returned a luggage cart. The killer reportedly shot nine rounds before his gun jammed. Airmen on the bus took Uta or Uka down, and said he was shouting either “Jihad Jihad” or “Allahu Akbar.” The bus was carrying members of a Security Forces team assigned to RAF Lakenheath, 48th fighter Wing (F-15s) in the U.K, who were bound for Ramstein Airbase to support Overseas Contingency Operations somewhere , the exact destination has not been revealed. No surprise that Germany still isn’t sure this is an act of terror! Updates as available. See a current video below.

U.S. Airmen Murdered

The U.K. MailOnline:

He gunned down his first victim as the soldier stood in front of the vehicle at Terminal 2 before turning his weapon on the driver as he sat behind the wheel.

A German official told Fox News Channel that one airman was smoking a cigarette when the suspect pulled out a firearm and shot him.

Another serviceman was gunned down as he returned a luggage trolley.

The attacker, reportedly wielding a knife and a handgun, then boarded the bus and fired at the driver before being taken down by police, the official said.

The suspect’s uncle, 70-year-old Rexhep Uka, said Uka was born and raised in Germany and was a devout Muslim who worked at the airport.

He said Uka’s grandfather was a religious leader at a mosque in the village of Zhabar, near Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Murat Uka, who identified himself as the alleged shooter’s father, says the only thing he knew about his son was that he hadn’t turned up at work on Wednesday.

The news is mixed:

From Deseret News:

At the airport, taxi cab driver Salimi Seraidon said he was sitting at a stand about 200 yards (meters) away when the attack took place, and that it was over quickly as police rushed onto the scene.

“We just heard the shots,” he said.

Uta or Uka, 21, has been identified as a citizen of Mitrovica, Kosovo, although he has lived in Germany for “years,” although the report above says he was born in Germany. He was employed by the Frankfurt airport. Germany’s state interior minister, said “there were no indications of a terrorist attack,” At this minute – 9:40 p.m. CST, Fox is still reporting a German official is saying there is no sign of terrorism. Right! An inquiry is “promised.”

Germany is home to many thousands of U.S. Military and the Frankfurt Airport is the main gateway in and out of Europe.  The last act of terror against the U.S. military in Germany was in 1986 in the Berlin disco bombing where two soldiers died. Libya was blamed. President Ronald Reagan ordered Gaddafi’s headquarters/home bombed, killing Muammar Gaddafi’s 15-month old daughter, injuring two sons, and there were rumors that Gaddafi was also wounded. Libya admitted the bombing.

Read more about the Kosovo connection at Hot Air, and Memorandum has a continuing thread on the shootings.

The U.S. has had troops in Kosovo since 1999 serving with NATO. This is not the first time Albanian Muslims have targeted U.S. soldiers. Ethnic Albanian Muslims made up four of the Fort Dix Six, which were accused and convicted of a planned attack on Fort Dix, New Jersey.

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U.S. Soldiers Killed by Jihadi Muslim in Frankfurt (video)

  • And people say the whole world doesn’t have a Muslim problem. Get real.

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  • xheffo

    This man was a German born and yes he has some family links in Kosovo. He raised in West, got their culture and has nothing to do with Kosovo. His family lives in Germany for 40 years. Come one guys, how many of you have family links abroad, specially Americans (Irish, Spanish, English family roots). There are 2 million Muslim in Kosovo and since 1999 we had a lot of American soldiers here. During this time there was not even one incident or any attack in American soldiers. Kosovars will always remember the help of USA during a Serb occupation. I’m Muslim myself and I love USA. Arid himself didn’t say he killed in the name of religion and Kosovars. Lets see what he has to say in court.

    • xheffo, I did say there were reports that he was German born. Even late yesterday no one was confirming that he definitely was not born in Kosovo. I also said he had lived in Germany for many years. It really has nothing to do with Germany or Kosovo. It has to do with Muslim jihad.

      I understand what you are saying, but please…he yelled Allahu Akhbar. Let’s don’t go too wonky. He walked right up to America soldiers and fired point blank. xheffo, I am not being combative, but I want to ask you, how do you explain the Verse of the Sword and any devout study of the Koran?

  • aser

    Arid Uka was born in Mitrovica, Kosovo. All his family were albanian. And in his facebook’s profile he has a kosovo’s map with quranic verses.

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