Ann Coulter on Democrats War, National Security and Unemployment

Ann Coulter is pounding the issue of National interest, which is the only legitimate reason for America to be at war. The so-called ‘Just War’ Doctrine just doesn’t square with the U.S. Constitution (my comment, not Ann’s). She writes about Egypt, and theorizes, with this president, the U.S. is only “one jobs report away from liberals rioting in the streets.”  Coulter points out that if there truly was a real National interest in the Libyan “adventure,” Democrats would hysterically oppose it. As always she smashes it home. See a video below.

Ann Coulter

On Monday night, Obama gave a speech intended to explain America’s mission and purpose in our new Libyan adventure. He said: “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different.”

He forgot to add: “However, the United States of America will be turning a blind eye to atrocities in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, the Ivory Coast and Bahrain.”

One searches in vain for a description of some American interest in supporting the rebels in Libya.

True, Gadhafi was responsible for numerous terrorist acts against Americans in the 1980s, including blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, killing 270 people, including 189 Americans.

Soon after President Bush’s 9/11 speech vowing to go to war not only with terrorists, but those who supported them, Gadhafi accepted responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing and paid the victims’ families $8 million apiece.

After Bush invaded Iraq, Gadhafi suspended Libya’s nuclear and chemical weapons program, inviting international inspectors to verify that the programs had been halted.

A few years after that, Gadhafi paid millions of dollars to the victims of other Libyan-sponsored terrorist attacks from the ’80s. In return, President Bush granted Libya immunity from terror-related lawsuits. Read it all at Human Events, Obama Cried, Kids Die.

The video below is from one year ago, but timely because she is speaking about  the nature of Liberals. Coulter is speaking at a David Horowitz conference.


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Ann Coulter on Liberals


  • Dear Ann..what would we do without her? She has a certain approach of putting the knife in that I find quite pleasing.

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    Maggie . . Our friend Ann seems to get it right most of the time. Pithy, smart, and doesn’t hold back. Yet I wonder about her statement that Gaddafi paid each one of the Lockerbie victim families $8,000,000 each? . . Bump