Americans Cried First – Contiune to Cry: Now Muslim Keith Ellsion Sheds a Public Tear

Representative Peter King’s hearings on Islamic radicalism inside the U.S. are underway on Capitol Hill. Today Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) read a story about a young Muslim man who was a rescuer on 9/11, and who some apparently suspected of causing the 9/11 attacks. Ellison, the first U.S. Muslim congressman broke down during the reading.

As King’s hearing go forward with most of Progressive American calling them a witch hunt, I’d like to ask Keith Ellison how many jihadic deaths of non-Muslims he has wept for. I’d like to ask who accused this young man – how many made the accusations? Where can we read it about it? And then I would to remind him a few words and some tears from him in admonishment of Islamic jihad against non-Muslims would mean something good, and be encouraging to those of us who do not worship an Allah.

I find this display disgusting, not only because Ellison never sheds a public tear for the havoc Islam is wreaking on us, but because he, as a national Democrat leader who could appeal to the hatred of “his” people against us, never does. Remember that we blithely skipped on by the first World Trade Tower bombing. No one blamed Muslims or Islam, although they were solely to blame. You’ve taught us to know what is driving Muslim hate agains us. We are no longer deceived. A pox on these so-called public servants who work to further the teachings of the Koran. We plan to stand fully in your way.

Memorandum is just beginning a thread on Keith Ellison and have linked – thank you!

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  • Wow, Maggie. I don’t say this to many women, but you’re really a dick.

    • TBogg, you won’t find me disparaging the male anatomy. If I am the only woman to stand up and speak the truth about Keith Ellison (which I am not) and his agenda, then I am proud of it.

      How do you explain an American congressman NEVER speaking against the teachings of the Koran and what those teachings mean to non-Muslims?

      It’s shameful and if the tear was genuine, it shows just how passionate he is about Islamic dominance. If you are a true follower of the Koran you ARE passionate about Islamic dominance.

    • TBogg, shame on you. and shame on those who cry now but never once spoke up before, about the crimes committed by a few. Shame on a community that remained silent as a few radicals in their community, committed crimes against mankind and God.
      Shame on you for not only being unable to make an argument against what Mr. King is doing. Instead you attack someone, like Maggie, who brings the truth to the surface, and yet you have no argument that rings of the truth. You simply have no argument.
      Shame on you for sticking your head in the sand, ignoring the tree falling on you.
      God bless people like Maggie who speak the truth. The display that this Congressman showed before the world, the lies he told, is despicable. Using the death of a hero to make a point is not only cowardly but it is not serving the Muslim community.
      If a set of Christians were a threat to this country, I’d expect an investigation. I would never look upon such an investigation as an attack on Christians, but an investigation against extremists.
      Why should the Muslim community be so afraid of any investigation to find out the truth. Isn’t God Truth? Are you that cowardly? Shame on you for your cowardice.
      If there’s a cancer, wouldn’t you want it discovered?

      • David, thanks for those kind words. I love your new icon!

        • Yeah.. it’s Todd Connor’s painting of me..

  • alligator tears.

    • RightKlik, now that I think about it, I’m not sure there actually was a tear.

  • He is scared that Americans are finally waking up to the truth about Islam.

    • findalis, that’s so. Our naivete is finished and done.

  • BobF

    Roughly 2.3 million Muslims living in America:

    29% of Muslims in America are between ages18-29:

    25% of Muslims 18-29 living in America believe suicide bombing can be justified:

    2,300,000 Muslims living in America
    667,000 Muslims are between the ages of 18-29
    166,750 Muslims between ages 18-29 believe suicide bombing can be justified.

  • BobF

    Only a small percentage of Muslims world wide believe in radical Islam. We hear that from the MSM on TV all the time. Problem is, they don’t give you any numbers to go with that small percentage. Experts worldwide believe that small percentage is only 7 percent. Now, that’s not a high percentage unless you look at the total number of Muslims worldwide. With 1.57 Billion Muslims in the world, that 7% comes out to close to 109,000,000 Muslims who believe in radical Islam. That equates to 1/3 the population of the United States; larger than any military force in the world. But, we need not worry, it’s only a small percentage.

    • Bob, two excellent comments. I thank you for the research and would love to add it to the post, if you don’t mind.

  • Maggie … Here’s one American male who is very proud of what you have to say. I wonder what TBogg sees when he looks in the mirror? It can’t be a man … not with the remark he left for you. He needs to honor his own code … “You have failed, please die.” Sorry Maggie, real men don’t speak to real ladies that way. And you are one. Blessings …

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  • BobF
  • I watch this congressman and saw an actor. Nothing more. It sickened me Maggie.