Al-Qaeda Terror Threats? 160 Nuclear Bombs Planted Across US Remot

Twenty-five letters posted from Chicago going to Oregon, Texas, California, Illinois and Florida. Signed by Osama bin Laden. Nuclear bombs buried across America, including at elementary schools. Each bomb – 160 of them – is remotely controlled. FBI believes it is a hoax, but is investigating. Sending a threat through the U.S. postal system is a federal offense with prison sentences applicable for each of the letters.

Osama bin Laden

From the letter: (visit for the video report)

“The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us.”

Thanks to David Lemon, Master Sculptor – Amazing Artist, for the tip. His latest: Re-Coloring the Lewis and Clark Bronze.


  • How are remote controlled bombs a “suicide mission?”

    It’s a hoax. While they could sneak just about anything across the southern border, I can’t see them being able to fuel that many nukes.

  • Where would these idiots get 160 nuclear bombs? Pakistan doesn’t have that many nor does North Korea.

    • nlnmjk

      they have also been getting nukes from russia is what i read online

  • I don’t buy it Maggie, but one is possible… and that’s all it would take

  • David

    Fuck them. They don’t have the balls to nuke us. It would trigger doomsday all around the world. If we go black all of our nukes hit every where in the world. These douche bags probably did write that letter but it ain’t true. LONG LIVE THE USA!

  • Inyourbackyard

    What about all the nuclear power plants?

  • tom stricker

    Nuclear devices need to have the detonator replaced every 6 months , I cant believe thats possible for all of these bombs.