Al Hallor WMD Found in US? Al Hallor Asst SD Port Director Says So Video

Al Hallor is the Assistant San Diego Port Director and a Customs and Border Protections Officer. Hallor says “weapons of mass effect” have been found in the past year by “partner agencies.” As you read below and watch the video, it is clear Hallor includes “dirty bombs,” and “nuclear devices” as weapons of mass effect. Homeland Security said Hallor was “nervous,” and “mis-spoke,” as San Diego 10News interviewed him. I don’t think so. I see no nerves in the video below.

Al Hallor and SD 10News

Questions: Where, when and what was found, and how many times? Who are the “partner agencies?” Who do we suspect of putting whatever it was onto our soil – domestic or foreign?

The Daily Mail UK:

‘So, specifically, you’re looking for the dirty bomb? You’re looking for the nuclear device?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Correct. Weapons of mass effect,’ said Mr Hallor.

‘You ever found one?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Not at this location,’ Mr Hallor said.

‘But they have found them?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Yes,’ said Mr Hallor.

‘You never found one in San Diego though?’ Mr Blacher asked.

‘I would say at the port of San Diego we have not,’ Mr Hallor said.

‘Have you found one in San Diego?’ Mr Blacher asked.

The interview was then interrupted and cut short by a public relations official before Mr Hallor was able to answer the question.

San Diego’s Customs and Border Protection agency was unavailable for comment today.

Earlier, Mr Hallor told Mr Blacher: ‘Potentially every city in America is a target. Given the waterways and the access to the Navy fleet here, I’d say, absolutely, San Diego is a target.

Watch the video for the rest of the story, and there is definitely more. Watch Mr. Hallor’s demeanor during this interview. He is, afterall, the Assistant Director of the San Diego Port Authority. Or at least he was. Visit The Daily Mail for another frightening photo of a 2200 ft. “cross-border drug tunnel in San Diego. Complete with lighting and ventilation. Do you think al-Qaeda would be interested?

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